U. S. A. For U. S. A. – Carnivore

It’s time that we laid down the law
We’re tired of taking your shit
And we ain’t gonna take it no more
Be prepared to fight and die
So that wr may be free
And if you don’t like it here
Then packs your shit and leave
Our forefathers died in war
So that you could live better
We at least owr it to them
To keep the stars and stripes forever
Planting bombs on planes
Blowing up our ships
Hill our kids and women
Find this dickless slobs
Hang them by the scrotum
Lets and the terrorism
You think yourself a God
Would follow to the death
A spineless yellow faggot
A bunoh of stiking slobs
Hiding behind masks

Lyric U. S. A. For U. S. A. – Carnivore