Performer U2

One – U2

Or do you feel the same Will it make it easier on you Now you got someone to blame You […]

Indian Summer Sky – U2

Cut, swim, deep the sky Like there, I don’t know why In the forest, there’s a clearing I run there […]

Last Night On Earth – U2

BUT she thinks WE’RE better off that way “the more you take the less you feel the less you know […]

Out Of Control – U2

Eighteen years of dawning I say how long You say how long It was one dull morning Woke the world […]

Out Of Control – U2

Eighteen years of dawning I say how long You say how long It was one dull morning Woke the world […]

Exit – U2

You know he went astray He used to stay awake To drive the dreams he had away He wanted to […]

Seconds – U2

Say goodbye, oh, oh, oh It takes a second to say goodbye Say goodbye, oh, oh, oh, say bye bye… […]

Gone – U2

then you find that feeling just won’t go away you’re holding on to every little thing so tightly till there’s […]

Please – U2

And you never felt wanted till you had someone slap your face So you never felt alive until you almost […]

Discotheque – U2

you can’t hold it control it you can’t bag it you can push but you can’t direct it circulate regulate […]

Red Light – U2

You walk away You’re still on the down beat You say you don’t want my help But you can’t escape […]

Lemon – U2

She wore lemon Never in the daylight She’s gonna make you cry She’s gonna make you whisper and moan But […]

Gloria – U2

I…I try to stand up But I can’t find my feet I try, I try to speak up But only […]

Grace – U2

She takes the blame She covers the shame Removes the stain It could be her name Grace It’s a name […]

White As Snow – U2

The land was flat, the highway straight and wide My brother and I, we’d drive for hours, like we’d years […]

I Will Follow – U2

I was on the outside when you said You said you needed me I was looking at myself I was […]

Heartland – U2

Don’t change it See the sun rise over her skin Dawn changes everything Everything And the delta sun Burns bright […]

Like A Song – U2

Like a song I have to sing I sing it for you Like the words I have to bring I […]

The Wanderer – U2

Lifted some stones Saw the skin and bones Of a city without a soul I went out walking under an […]

Love Is Blindness – U2

I don’t want to see Won’t you wrap the night Around me Take my heart Love is blindness In a […]

Three Sunrises – U2

Hold me there and never let me fall Love me ’til i die, my heart won’t wait Soon i will […]

Van Diemen’s Land – U2

’til this hour has gone around And I’m gone on the rising tide For to face Van Diemen’s land It’s […]

Twilight – U2

They’re closed but I see something A teacher told me why I laugh when old men cry My body grows […]

Your Blue Room – U2

To your blue room Got some questions to ask of you In your blue room The air is clean Your […]

40 – U2

He inclined and heard my cry He brought me up out of the pit Out of the miry clay I […]

One Step Closer – U2

I’m across the road from hope I’m under a bridge in a rip tide That’s taken everything I call my […]

Staring At The Sun – U2

in the shade of a willow tree creeps a crawling over me over me and over you stuck together with […]

One Tree Hill – U2

As the day begs the night for mercy love The sun so bright it leaves no shadows Only scars carved […]

Everlasting Love – U2

Keeping up when they go I went away Just when you needed me so You won’t regret I’ll come back […]

With A Shout – U2

Where do we go from here Where to go To the side of a hill Blood was spilt We were […]

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