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Zooropa – U2

Zooropa… be all that you can be Be a winner Eat to get slimmer Zooropa… a bluer kind of white Zooropa… it could be yours tonight We’re mild and green And squeaky clean Zooropa… better by design Zooropa… fly the friendly skies Through appliance of science We’ve got that ring of confidence…. And I have […]

The Fly – U2

It’s no secret that our worlds is in darkness tonight They say the sun is sometimes eclipsed by a moon Y’know I don’t see you when she walks in the room It’s no secrets that a friend is someone who lets you help It’s no secret that a liar won’t believe anyone else They say […]

The Electric Co. – U2

Don’t sit at the table Until you’re able to Toy, broken toy Shout shout You’re inside out If you don’t know…Electric co. If you don’t know…Electric co. Red, running red Play for real The toy could feel A hole in your head You go in shock You’re spoon-fed If you don’t know…Electric co. If you […]

Party Girl – U2

Party girl I know she wants more than a party Party girl And she won’t tell me her name Oh no, not me I know a boy, a boy called Trash Trash Can I know he does all that he can Wham Bam And she won’t tell me his name Oh no, not me (Guitar […]

Last Night On Earth (Single Version) – U2

But she thinks we’re better off that way The more you take the less you feel The less you know the more you believe The more you have the more it takes today You got to give it away (You got to give it away) You got to give it away (You got to give […]

A Day Without Me – U2

Look from the outside To the world I left behind I’m dreaming You’re awake If I were sleeping What’s at stake A day without me Whatever the feelings I keep feeling What are the feelings You left behind Today’s a day without me I started a landslide in my ego Look from the outside To […]

Pride (In The Name Of Love) – U2

One man come and go One come he to justify One man to overthrow In the name of love What more in the name of love In the name of love What more in the name of love One man caught on a barbed wire fence One man he resist One man washed up on […]

Do You Feel Loved – U2

you know these hands have never worked a day take these boots they’re going nowhere you know these boots they don’t want to stray you got my head filled with songs you got my shoelaces undone take my shirt go on take it off me you can tear it up if you can tie me […]

Silver And Gold – U2

Praying hands hold me down Only the hunter was hunted In this tin can town Tin can town No stars in the black night Looks like the sky fell down No sun in the daylight Looks like it’s chained to the ground Chained to the ground The warden said The exit is sold If you […]

Elevation – U2

You shoot me from a gun I need you to elevate me here A corner of your lips Is the orbit of your hips Eclipse You elevate my soul I’ve got no self control Been living like a mole now Going down, excavation Higher now, in the sky You make me feel like I can […]

Original Of The Species – U2

The end is not as fun as the start Please stay a child somewhere in your heart I’ll give you everything you want Except the thing that you want You are the first one of your kind And you feel like no-one before You steal right under my door And I kneel ’cause I want […]

A Sort Of Homecoming – U2

Through the sleet and driving snow Across the fields of mourning Light in the distance And you hunger for the time Time to heal, desire, time And your earth moves beneath Your own dream landscape Oh, oh, oh… On borderland we run… I’ll be there I’ll be there… Tonight A high road A high road […]

If God Will Send His Angels – U2

No one to point the finger… it’s just you and me and the rain Nobody made you do it, no one put words in your mouth Nobody here taking orders when love took a train heading south It’s the blind leading the blond It’s the stuff the stuff of country songs HEy IF GOD WILL […]

With Or Without You – U2

See the thorn twist in your side I wait for you Sleight of hand and twist of fate On a bed of nails she makes me wait And I wait without you With or without you With or without you Through the storm we reach the shore You give it all but I want more […]

City Of Blinding Lights – U2

The less you find out as you grow I knew much more then than I do now Neon heart, day-glow eyes The city lit by fireflies They’re advertising in the skies And people like us And I miss you when you’re not around I’m getting ready to leave the ground Oh you look so beautiful […]

Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World – U2

You’re the last to hear the warning You’ve been tryin’ to throw your arms around the world You’ve been falling off the sidewalk Your lips move but you can’t talk Tryin’ to throw your arms around the world I’m gonna run to you… run to you… be still I’m gonna run to you… run to […]

Love Rescue Me – U2

Come forth and speak to me Raise me up and don’t let me fall No man is my enemy My own hands imprison me Love rescue me Many strangers have I met On the road to my regret Many lost who seek to find themselves in me They ask me to reveal The very thoughts […]

A Man And A Woman – U2

Take the heat from the sun Little sister I know that everything is not ok But you’re like honey on my tongue True love never can be rent But only true love can keep beauty innocent I could never take a chance Of losing love to find romance In the mysterious distance Between a man […]

Yahweh – U2

Click clacking down some dead end street Take these shoes And make them fit Take this shirt Polyester white trash made in nowhere Take this shirt And make it clean, clean Take this soul Stranded in some skin and bones Take this soul And make it sing Yahweh, Yahweh Always pain before a child is […]

Hallelujah, Here She Comes – U2

I know I can’t wait until Hallelujah…here she comes I see you’re dressed in black I guess I’m not coming back Hallelujah…here she comes Born and raised On the wrong side of town You get so high That you can’t come down (Yeah) I see the road is rough You know I’m not giving up […]

Beautiful Day – U2

But there’s no room, no space to rent in this town You’re out of luck and the reason that you had to care, The traffic is stuck and you’re not moving anywhere. You thought you’d found a friend to take you out of this place Someone you could lend a hand in return for grace […]

Ultraviolet (Light My Way) – U2

Sometimes I feel like checkin’ out I want to get it wrong Can’t always be strong And love it won’t be long… Oh sugar, don’t you cry Oh child, wipe the tears from your eyes You know I need you to be strong And the day is as dark as the night is long Feel […]

Crumbs From Your Table – U2

Comes the blackest hole You had so much to offer Why did you offer your soul? I was there for you baby When you needed my help Would you deny for others What you demand for yourself? Cool down mama, cool off Cool down mama, cool off You speak of signs and wonders I need […]

In A Little While – U2

Surely you’ll be back In a little while I’ll be there In a little while This hurt will hurt no more I’ll be home, love When the night takes a deep breath And the daylight has no end If I crawl, if I come crawling home WiIl you be there In a little while I […]

Zoo Station – U2

Ready for the laughing gas I’m ready Ready for what’s next Ready to duck Ready to dive Ready to say I’m glad to be alive I’m ready Ready for the crush In the cool of the night In the warmth of the breeze I’ll be crawling around On my hands and knees She’s just down […]

Discotheque (DM TEC Radio Mix) – U2

But you can’t grab it You can hold it, control it No, you can’t bag it You can push But you can’t direct it Circulate, regulate, oh no You cannot connect it You know you’re chewing bubblegum You know what that is But you still want some You just can’t get enough Of that lovie […]

In God’s Country – U2

Desert sky Dream beneath a desert sky The rivers run but soon run dry We need new dreams tonight Desert rose Dreamed I saw a desert rose Dress torn in ribbons and in bows Like a siren she calls to me Sleep comes like a drug In God’s Country Sad eyes, crooked crosses In God’s […]

Hawkmoon 269 – U2

Like a town needs a name I need your love Like a drifter needs a room Hawkmoon I need your love I need your love Like a rhythm unbroken Like drums in the night Like sweet soul music Like sunlight I need your love Like coming home And you don’t know where you’ve been Like […]

Shadows And Tall Trees – U2

I talk to myself about tomorrow night Walls of white protest A gravestone in name Who is it now It’s always the same Who is it now Who calls me inside Are the leaves on the trees Just living disguise I walk sweet rain tragicomedy I’ll walk home again to the street melody But I […]

Miss Sarajevo – U2

A time to turn your eyes away Is there a time for keeping your head down For getting on with your day Is there a time for kohl and lipstick A time for cutting hair Is there a time for high street shopping To find the right dress to wear Here she comes Heads turn […]

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