Performer UB40

Blood And Fire – UB40

Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire There is no more water to out the fire There is no more water […]

Hurry Come Up – UB40

Hey, you, hurry come up See how fast you come down You run up your mouth You run out of […]

Riddle Me – UB40

Riddle me who, riddle me why, answer me this, Who owns the chians that bind your wrists? Riddle me who, […]

Tell Me Is It True – UB40

Forgiving my mistakes Getting her to love me Was my biggest break Every place I go, she’s inside of me […]

Lisa – UB40

You’ve changed the way I see I used to think that I Should make you be like me But after […]

Groovin’ – UB40

Running too and fro And if you ask them where they`re going Half of the don`t know They`re the ones […]

Kingston Town – UB40

But the moonlight lingers on There are wonders for everyone The stars shine so bright, But they`re fading after dawn […]

Red Red Wine – UB40

Goes to my head Make me forget that I Still need her so Red, red wine It`s up to you […]

Guns In The Ghetto – UB40

Just stay home till morning light Me and mamma don’t feel right Please hold us tight Daddy why did you […]

Mr Fix It – UB40

Cause your one and only Boy has found a girl And gone away Just you reach for the phone I’ll […]

Always There – UB40

I’ve got to get home I’m lost in a crowd But I’m still on my own I’m looking ahead So […]

Legalise It – UB40

Don’t criticise it Legalise it, yeah, yeah, and I will advertise it Some of them call it tambi Some of […]

I Got You Babe – UB40

Won`t find out till we grow Well I don`t babay that`s true Cause you got me and baby I got […]

Until My Dying Day – UB40

I promise that I’ll keep it So confidentially Between just you and me, I’ll never leak it I’m the specialist […]

Desert Sand – UB40

While the sun shines down on you And just because your life is peaceful There’s no fighting left to do […]

Matter Of Time – UB40

Money mountains you climb, never hedging your bets But your luck can run out, you’d better watch your step Just […]

Watchdogs – UB40

And you try to close your eyes But the blasphemies keep coming Tempting you lies (Chorus) Give thanks for you […]

Johnny Too Bad – UB40

With a pistol in your waist Johnny you`re too bad Walking down the road With a ratchet in your waist […]

Many Rivers – UB40

But I can`t seem to find my way over Wandering I am lost as I travel along The white cliffs […]

Keep On Moving – UB40

Lord I gotta keep on moving. Lord I gotta get on down. Lord I gotta keep on moving. Where I […]

Sing Our Own Song – UB40

For our brothers and sisters who`ve died Over four hundred years Has washed away our fears And strengthened our pride […]

Contaminated Minds – UB40

Run round in circles and chase their own tails But you can’t really blame them for clutching at straws For […]

King Step – UB40

Nuff respect, cause every entertainer is select And right ya now me a go show you how to do the […]

Burden Of Shame – UB40

Bloody deeds have been done in my name Criminal acts we must pay for And our children will shoulder the […]

Guilty – UB40

Come sit down, make your self comfortable Tell me somthing, how long have we known each other? About ten months […]

Tyler – UB40

You may get an answer the process is slow Federal government too much to help him It`s been nearly five […]

Superstition – UB40

Very superstitious, ladders bout’ to fall Thirteen month old baby. broke the lookin’ glass Seven years of bad luck, the […]

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