Performer UDO

Rated X – Udo

In the desert Forces like the ultimate Poseidon The arrival Although it burns your eyes The government denies Rated X […]

Lovemachine – Udo

Just call 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – one-day lover If you […]

We’re History – Udo

You got the devil in your eyes and nothing in your soul If you think I’m gonna sell myself, then […]

Powersquad – Udo

With a little bit of luck and a powerful attack Gonna force the allied law Spreading death and blood – […]

No Limits – Udo

Black nights – live it to the max It’s all extremely done No way – to colonise the middle Ride […]

Dirty Boys – Udo

The future holds retreat or victory Strolling through the neon light, you get no charity Looking for a fight – […]

Ride The Storm – Udo

Thunder roads in action Horizon’s all the same That’s the big attraction Come on join the game Brothers out of […]

Heart Of Gold – Udo

But he is dying for a smile from you He is a man without a home in his life Is […]

Break The Rules – Udo

But the time will come when they can’t hide it Somebody says hey man – what’s up with you I […]

They Want War – Udo

And believe what they see To do what they’ve been told And so they walk away with open eyes Some […]

With A Vengeance – Udo

Didn’t want to stay – to stay away from you No illegal fun – you had me hypnotised Cheap and […]

Hate Stinger – Udo

Who had a frozen heart He’s standig on a hill And sees the morning come Fear and rage – destruction […]

Can’t Get Enough – Udo

I’m burning like a candlelight I don’t know where I’m going But I’m ready for this night You’d better run […]

Born To Run – Udo

To start again Searching for the power That you’ve had before The tables turned Mistakes you’ve made Stop telling lies […]

Trip To Nowhere – Udo

Where people live a dirty life Of course it was different most of the time But it was not my […]

Warrior – Udo

When no one lived in pain Zero down to zero But a warrior The innocence of birth The power of […]

Unspoken Words – Udo

When I was young to live a life A life of lies – full of lies Then you came into […]

Braindead Hero – Udo

No difference if it’s good or bad The trigger’s his – the orders others No way to stop the final […]

Holy – Udo

Raised from the glowing ashes of cauldron iron The Phoenix arose from the sanctum of metal Emerging into the light […]

Two Faced Woman – Udo

So many things go ’round So far – the fight in me so strong Years of pain I’ve suffered all […]

Soldiers Of Darkness – Udo

Nightmares and pictures of uncertain kind Born again to kill – any luscious dream Caught in a war – where […]

The Punisher – Udo

And then you’re mesmerised The goal is freedom for us all We are all believers We think we own the […]

In The Darkness – Udo

Why have I done Running on empty – I got nowhere to run Can’t get an answer Can’t get it […]

Catch My Fall – Udo

And the pain reminds me that I’m all alone Those dreams we had, are now a nightmare I feel just […]

Metal Eater – Udo

It hits you here right between your eyes It’s somehow evil – red-hot and weird A dangerous feeling – you […]

Don’t Look Back – Udo

The wheels been spinning so long So many years have passed me by And the feeling are still running oh […]

Bad Luck – Udo

Never in the mood – to change his life Nobody wants to help him – as he spirals down But […]

Lay Down The Law – Udo

You turn my life, am I up or down Why don’t you see, you’re bugging me I have already lost […]

Kick In The Face – Udo

Too many lies are told Here we go – don’t blame me What are you lying for Don’t treat me […]

Thunder In The Tower – Udo

Well, the lightning flashed at midnight And the dogs did howl along You don’t believe it – unless you’ve seen […]

Animal House – Udo

Driving downtown in a red corvette The demons and satans are creeping around L. A. nights are madhouse nights The […]

Black Widow – Udo

I can’t wait to sleep Enjoying all my dreams Got no regrets I can be a flash of lightning Striking […]