Performer UDO

Backstreet Loner – Udo

She did a little pirouette No friend of mine – a dollar’s fine A cruel world – when you cross […]

The Healer! – Udo

Wanna make the sunrise mine Been wandering from dusk to dawn So many sleepless nights Can’t seem to get it […]

Raise The Crown – Udo

Something you can take Leave behind your sorrows Give yourself a break It’s up to you – you’re getting Pleasure […]

Painted Love – Udo

You’re in a world of innocence She’ll make you moan – make you moan and groan Then spit you out […]

Rated X – Udo

In the desert Forces like the ultimate Poseidon The arrival Although it burns your eyes The government denies Rated X […]

Lovemachine – Udo

Just call 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – one-day lover If you […]

We’re History – Udo

You got the devil in your eyes and nothing in your soul If you think I’m gonna sell myself, then […]

Powersquad – Udo

With a little bit of luck and a powerful attack Gonna force the allied law Spreading death and blood – […]

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