Performer UDO

Coming Home – Udo

For so many years And I did not regret being gone Please tell me when did we talk And when […]

One Step To Fate – Udo

Future’s written down Is it tears or happiness What’s your fate – time will tell Is it left or is […]

One Step To Fate – Udo

Future’s written down Is it tears or happiness What’s your fate – time will tell Is it left or is […]

System Of Life – Udo

You’re so much better it’s no surprise It’s like a mirror is watching you Maybe the word’s been broken – […]

Way Of Life – Udo

Was outta sight No other change has come Who let the boredom in We got our rockin’ rights We’ll overcome […]

Pray For The Hunted – Udo

Under pressure I can’t win The screams – the pain – it’s all inside All this talking all the time […]

Stranger – Udo

I thought you are not for hire Stand for your rights – don’t look at the past I don’t know […]

Burning Heat – Udo

Gotta have it more and more – hot and overloaded Starving for some fun tonight – always dressed to kill […]

Future Land – Udo

Tears running out of my eyes Wake up and bring the truth into your life I can’t stand it anymore […]

Back Off – Udo

Respect our rotten life Better not be hypnotised this time You talk a heavy load A mental overdose you’re slime […]

Raiders Of Beyond – Udo

Raiders gonna open up the stargate The planetary call is here to stay Galactic energy’s in all directions A ticket […]

Timebomb – Udo

He would be just like us We think he knows of madness Who says he’s got to be real We […]

Thunderforce – Udo

Thunder – thunderforce In a lonely night – stars are shining bright My soul is wandering – striking the universe […]

Cut Me Out – Udo

Night after night Day after day Hours and seconds to go Dying of fright Nothing to say I’ve got no […]

Desperate Balls – Udo

But always got it wrong Day by day you played your games with me But there’s no way you’ll win […]

Run For Cover – Udo

He’s old he wouldn’t dare to fight, to fight another Rockin’ like a beast upon on a never ending dream […]

Go Back To Hell – Udo

Flashing colours – shining bright Can’t you see me – in the dark Feel a heatwave – of a spark […]

Independence Day – Udo

Freezing metalized smile No more cheating the code The scene is set – emotions disconnected Welcome to the cyber trail […]

Lost Passion – Udo

We leave now for a trip – in Hell Now we can start especially for you – join us now! […]

Devil’s Dice – Udo

His mom and dad did all that they were able How did they know which way he’d turn Didn’t want […]

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