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Break The Rules – Udo

But the time will come when they can’t hide it Somebody says hey man – what’s up with you I say “just make way” cause I’m sick of you Sick ‘n tired of no good two faced liars Buck here – buck there, that’s their sole desire Leaders always put your life in fear I […]

They Want War – Udo

And believe what they see To do what they’ve been told And so they walk away with open eyes Some are eight or nine or ten And they die like fly, and no one knows Who they are, they’re smaller than the gun they load See their eyes open wide They died before they ever […]

With A Vengeance – Udo

Didn’t want to stay – to stay away from you No illegal fun – you had me hypnotised Cheap and on the run – a bad reputation Now the time has come – to take the blame away To fly the clouds so high And touch the sun Into a desperate sky And the nightmare’s […]

Hate Stinger – Udo

Who had a frozen heart He’s standig on a hill And sees the morning come Fear and rage – destruction He made a world of pain Hate and sin – confession He craved a senseless crime ’cause he’s a sane killer – he takes you by surprise He’s a sane killer – stares into your […]

Can’t Get Enough – Udo

I’m burning like a candlelight I don’t know where I’m going But I’m ready for this night You’d better run for cover Before I start to smile No way there’s time for wasting Never walk in a line Never walk in a line Oh yeah And I just keep going Forget these boring times And […]

Blitz Of Lightning – Udo

He can handle the fear He thought he was burning With all the pain he had Then his smile was gone He didn’t know where he was Can’t you hear him cry This time he is alive He’s out to seek and find To find his own style in time No more retreat but fight […]

Blitz Of Lightning – Udo

He can handle the fear He thought he was burning With all the pain he had Then his smile was gone He didn’t know where he was Can’t you hear him cry This time he is alive He’s out to seek and find To find his own style in time No more retreat but fight […]

Born To Run – Udo

To start again Searching for the power That you’ve had before The tables turned Mistakes you’ve made Stop telling lies – no angeleyes Just look straight ahead Don’t be afraid to roll the dice Open up your eyes So hit the road and memorize You’re not for sale You’re born to run So take it […]

Trip To Nowhere – Udo

Where people live a dirty life Of course it was different most of the time But it was not my fault A life in hell I saw it every morning Dreams’n’desires Can’t hide myself anymore I tried to live in heaven But this dream did not come true I tried to live in heaven Next […]

Metal Maniac Master Mind! – Udo

You feel his presence – you think it’s true Somehow we know we have to pay For all the things we didn’t do or say He is here – calling for you Don’t turn away – get down on your knees and pray Seven days – seven secrets he had We can’t find out – […]

Warrior – Udo

When no one lived in pain Zero down to zero But a warrior The innocence of birth The power of the earth Out of all that’s good Comes a warrior Time – is it you who changes minds Sueing us – for something we’ve not done Stealing the heroes – all the guiding lights, to […]

Unspoken Words – Udo

When I was young to live a life A life of lies – full of lies Then you came into my life And you’ve changed so many things That I’ve done before – that I’ve done before Without you I’ve been so alone Don’t leave me this way Without you I’ve been so alone Don’t […]

Braindead Hero – Udo

No difference if it’s good or bad The trigger’s his – the orders others No way to stop the final blow The message: here ya go The countdown’s on a roll War against the world All systems deadly armed Machine, man, all in one They’re all oblivious to the crime Braindead hero Braindead hero – […]

Holy – Udo

Raised from the glowing ashes of cauldron iron The Phoenix arose from the sanctum of metal Emerging into the light So many hard times So many bad lies A man of steel You know I’m real Ev’rything I do I’m taking all control – it’s my heart You know it’s how I feel So stick […]

Two Faced Woman – Udo

So many things go ’round So far – the fight in me so strong Years of pain I’ve suffered all the same Today – I know I will be near You talk about romance You blew your only chance ’cause you’re a two faced woman But I’m a three faced man ’cause you’re a two […]

Soldiers Of Darkness – Udo

Nightmares and pictures of uncertain kind Born again to kill – any luscious dream Caught in a war – where they love you to be In the darkest night – they taunt ya Mean – in the way they haunt ya Is that the fight you battle for Everything is dark – pain is creeping […]

Friends Will Be Friends – Udo

A voice in the back – the lies and the fears No colour but black – the truth disappears Just by the look in your eyes I can tell That your honour is gone – you’re caught in confusion and pain Mysterious sounds – hidden in ice Your lying is found – protective disguise No […]

The Punisher – Udo

And then you’re mesmerised The goal is freedom for us all We are all believers We think we own the world It sends us crashing down And in an instant he arrives We are strong believers He’s the retriever He holds the book in his hand To bring us back where we belong He is […]

Preachers Of The Night – Udo

Creatures of the night are creeping out – so proud I’ll be there once more to feed them More and more they’re sneaking in my mind – so strong All in all nothing’s left behind Cannot hold it back this dark desire Don’t turn your head or you’ll be dead The good have gone to […]

In The Darkness – Udo

Why have I done Running on empty – I got nowhere to run Can’t get an answer Can’t get it right Just try to make it ’till the end of the night Is there a way to avoid doing wrong Lead me away from the darkness Light up my day show me where I belong […]

Catch My Fall – Udo

And the pain reminds me that I’m all alone Those dreams we had, are now a nightmare I feel just like a dog without a bone Now is now and then is then But I can’t get used to being without you It’s a brand-new start and now I know that I should’ve But I […]

Metal Eater – Udo

It hits you here right between your eyes It’s somehow evil – red-hot and weird A dangerous feeling – you never want it It turns you inside out Don’t know why I can’t beat it It feels like burning steel It sounds like grinding metal sheets Metal eater – it always gets you Metal eater […]

Don’t Look Back – Udo

The wheels been spinning so long So many years have passed me by And the feeling are still running oh so strong Now something new is here I’m gonna fly and spread my wings And still power, goes on and on Don’t look back – Don’t look back Don’t you ever, now or never, look […]

Bad Luck – Udo

Never in the mood – to change his life Nobody wants to help him – as he spirals down But one day the wrong decision – hit him overnight No more cocktail parties – champagne’s run dry No company take-overs – stock markets high No more hand-jobs in the boardroom – sex is history And […]

Lay Down The Law – Udo

You turn my life, am I up or down Why don’t you see, you’re bugging me I have already lost my way Do I have to pay for everybody’s shit Is it the past, or the start Why can’t you make it easy Why don’t you leave me alone Keep me alive – keep me […]

Kick In The Face – Udo

Too many lies are told Here we go – don’t blame me What are you lying for Don’t treat me like a toy I have been through this pain Long before – again and again I believe that it’s much too much I only listen to my heart It’s never telling me a lie I […]

Thunder In The Tower – Udo

Well, the lightning flashed at midnight And the dogs did howl along You don’t believe it – unless you’ve seen it It was the night the thunder broke There is no more creation No room for good – no hope You better cry for salvation – as The reaper dangled by the rope A scream […]

Animal House – Udo

Driving downtown in a red corvette The demons and satans are creeping around L. A. nights are madhouse nights The murders – are heroes They’re speeding all over the town And justice – is drunken I’m tumbling upside down I’m a madman Living in an animalhouse I’m a madman Living in an animalhouse Living in […]

Black Widow – Udo

I can’t wait to sleep Enjoying all my dreams Got no regrets I can be a flash of lightning Striking down no rocks Burning down the law Getting things I never got Turning the world Nothing unheard One night can be more than a day Just like a black widow Like a black widow I […]