Performer UFO

Heaven’s Gate – UFO

And the Boystown girls go on parade My tattoo she’s a kiss away In the Creole town it’s another day […]

Terri – UFO

Every chance we had is passing by The simple things you say all drift away into the night So don’t […]

All Over You – UFO

Who you foolin’ now? Giving off an air of innocence You ain’t no sweet little flower I thought I’d seen […]

Come Away Melinda – UFO

A little ways away from here, while digging in the ground Come Away Melinda, come in and close the door […]

Fool’s Gold – UFO

Fool’s gold, touch the ivory handles on my gun (sold out to me?), Charlatans and thieves (so wrong not to […]

Night Run – UFO

Oooh baby what a song could do We were sharp like needles in the dark, no question mark My friend […]

Love Is Forever – UFO

Stop my heart and turn around Rebel nature, just got to be free I’m in the right place, right place […]

Young Blood – UFO

Young blood where you going now I didn’t mind it when you left me honey But I miss you ain’t […]

Feel It – UFO

Her high-heeled shoes go clickity-clack Sweet, sweet Suzy dress way low Does a dance just to let you know * […]

Rock Boyz, Rock – UFO

tv guide and the late late show i stayed late, i didn’t know Hold on you got me coming like […]

The World And His Dog – UFO

Traffic is heavy Up riding the rack Bodies are buried, freeways and wells Boneyards with vistas Gateways to hell When […]

It’s Killing Me – UFO

Strung out on a line Caught in life’s rough and tumble Blind leading the blind I wish there was an […]

Darker Days – UFO

Take me to heaven I can feel Jesus, right in my bones Looking for a high class up-market doorway With […]

You’ll Get Love – UFO

Cross the porch stars were bright Past my room and into yours Sliding locks and chaining doors * You’ll get […]

Gettin’ Ready – UFO

How were you to make the pieces fit Into a plan to start a new life Friends pat your back, […]

Blinded By A Lie – UFO

And it looks so very different in black and white I was “;part of the second party”;, that was me […]

Dream The Dream – UFO

Beat you to the ground But I’m a long time gone, long time gone Wish I could see the blazin’ […]

(A) Self Made Man – UFO

I’ve found my madness quite complete No sign of light or love divine intervention While I was scoring on your […]

Cherry – UFO

dance for me there’s only you play the barrooms just for pennies Wish I wasn’t just passing through Tell me […]

Diesel In The Dust – UFO

I’m livin’ just for that thrill Nobody hurts me ‘cos the payback’s twice as bad In this town you don’t […]

Highway Lady – UFO

Take no orders, don’t get fired I waste away cruisin’ along * Fighting blizzards, ragin’ storms Hold the wheels tight, […]

You And Me – UFO

I’m tired of hearing my own voice We can’t live on love alone To find some work I’ll have to […]

I’m A Loser – UFO

Why’re you tryin’ to make the evenin’ move so fast I’m in real trouble but I can’t go back home […]

Can You Roll Her – UFO

On the road a distant siren song Hands upon my engines growin’ Vincent’s[+++] deep throat breathin’ out so strong I […]

(The) Only Ones – UFO

Anytime if you would call be right to your door Is it over, lost this time for good I never […]

Star Storm – UFO

trying to find my way down Somebody shut child a door in my head had to turn around But I […]

Primed For Time – UFO

Pulled up back of the parking lot This ain’t Miss Daisy now, look what I got .357 and it’s primed […]

One Of Those Nights – UFO

Fool I didn’t have a chance She took me like a house that’s burning Never gave a second glance Eat […]

Love Lost Love – UFO

Try to catch the band’s last song Backstage pass really showin’ out Feel that’s where I belong Sittin’ down with […]

Martian Landscape – UFO

the wheat is still wheat Where the waters in the rivers is still water In this land every man lends […]

Silver Bird – UFO

Lying there all still lying there upon the sand A big silver bird had planted itself into the ground And […]

Back Into My Life – UFO

Looking for something, something that you knew And you’re wondering where she is Now there’s now there’s no more rendezvous […]

She’s The One – UFO

There’s no defending, this feeling’s all too strong Every time and every place, I see magic in your eyes I […]

Lettin’ Go – UFO

I’m lettin’ go now, I’ve been living too fast I’m not up in the morning Arid beat the clock at […]

Doctor Doctor – UFO

Oh, the mess I’m in Doctor doctor, please, oh the mess I’m in She walked up to me and really […]

Flying – UFO

Have you ever had the time to see, me and you could change to be Take a dream away with […]

Let It Rain – UFO

She holds him close but their love’s in vain And the married man that you laid Goes back home to […]

Shoot Shoot – UFO

You won’t do nothin’ about it Break a good boy’s resistance down Know she’s got a pistol Laid it down […]

Blue – UFO

As John Wayne holds the Alamo, I’m wonderin’ where you’ve gone I just sit and wait, hope it’s not too […]

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