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She’s The One – UFO

There’s no defending, this feeling’s all too strong Every time and every place, I see magic in your eyes I wanna see you feel you hold you tight Till hell ices over I’ll be waiting tonight Oh, she’s the one I was stripped right down now yeah She had me reeling Oh baby, she’s the […]

Lettin’ Go – UFO

I’m lettin’ go now, I’ve been living too fast I’m not up in the morning Arid beat the clock at night it’s got so damn predictable, Feel I’m doing time **Oh no I can’t Stand another day I see those gates a’ closing Caught in the ricochet Oh no my life’s in miniature I’ll be […]

Too Much Of Nothing – UFO

(What) it feels like to a boy, when he don’t feel like a man But you gave me so much money And you would not understand I realize I hurt you, so I stay just as I am * But the whole world keeps on turnin’ Yes, the whole world keeps on turnin’ But the […]

Doctor Doctor – UFO

Oh, the mess I’m in Doctor doctor, please, oh the mess I’m in She walked up to me and really stole my heart And then she started to take my body apart *Livin’, lovin’, I’m on the run Far away from you Livin’, lovin’, I’m on the run So far away from you Doctor doctor, […]

Flying – UFO

Have you ever had the time to see, me and you could change to be Take a dream away with you live it now and you will see Found myself on an open road [got no hand] to show the way Upped and started walking on to a land seemed so far away After so […]

Let It Rain – UFO

She holds him close but their love’s in vain And the married man that you laid Goes back home to his own charade She puts her faith in every word he said Tender moments in a motel bed When you press the point he says we’ll see But then walks to his mystery * So […]

Shoot Shoot – UFO

You won’t do nothin’ about it Break a good boy’s resistance down Know she’s got a pistol Laid it down on me She said shoot, shoot, shoot it boy You gotta shoot it for me Convinced me that she was worth it Never knew I was her kill And two 45’s would do the trick […]

Blue – UFO

As John Wayne holds the Alamo, I’m wonderin’ where you’ve gone I just sit and wait, hope it’s not too late Say there’s something left to prove it to you Outside this house nothing’s changed Our street looks just the same The things you left I’ll keep that way Till we’re together again When I […]

Between A Rock And A Hard Place – UFO

Nothing’s moving here for me Dead un-romantic That’s the way life’s squeezin’ me I get the feelings When I’m pushed in a situation Like climbin’ ceilings This is a case of renegotiaion I ain’t the soft touch you think I am Ain’t no pussy to think you care Between a rock and a hard place […]

Makin’ Moves – UFO

The night riders giving all they got While the girls look so good at looking bad /Out strutting/ [“;I’m struggling”;] dressed in the latest fad Valentino looks for something new Escapes for the night and waits his cue And I love the way they make their move Yes I love the way they’re makin’ moves […]

Reasons Love – UFO

Little bit of everything You know that’s what you said * Try hard, try hard to reason, reasons love Try hard, try hard to reason, reasons love ** And there’s your indulgence And parents try to get you out of these jams You got that appetite they won’t understand The social life you lead leaves […]

Money, Money – UFO

I drown in this fool’s sorrow I hear the lies, who I choose No alibis, never a trace I’m blue * Well I’m not so proud Baby I can see You take my money And you’re laughing at me **(I ain’t no clown) (Money money) And you’re no debutante I wanna give How much do […]

(The) Wild, The Willing And The Innocent – UFO

/Who’s/ [“;He’s”;] dressed to kill, out to thrill Waiting for you tonight Got my ear down to the ground Waiting for the warning sound Something’s got to bite * And I ‘m looking for a wild rose In the heat of the night Waiting for a show Looking for a wild rose In the heat […]

Electric Phase – UFO

With a rush and a strummin’ This electric phase ain’t no teenage craze In your house a phone is ringin’ Just a hot touch that keeps lingerin’ You said loving’s easy only if you please All I need is communication Not a line on your reputation I don’t want a handshake There ain’t no big […]

(The) Writer – UFO

Hot gossip ’bout who’s with their latest lover I write all chapters by the second scene I call the shots, don’t need a Fleet Street team I am a writer and I’m the news You cross me you know you’re gonna lose I’ll do the story if you’re dead or alive If seconds out or […]

Timothy – UFO

All of the things that shatter his brain comes from the garden shouting and grinning Hey Timothy where do you come from Only befriended Jeremy (Mouth?)… seems to know what Timmy’s talking about comes from the garden shouting and grinning Hey Timothy where do you come from (instrumental)p> Does he come from the sky? Does […]

Take It Or Leave It – UFO

To see my little angel Trying to put the pieces back together Well it’s been so long I’m feeling like a stranger But they tell me a good thing lasts forever * Who’s to say we can’t talk it over ‘Cause in time I know That we’ll work it out Give it one more chance […]

(A) Fool In Love – UFO

But they don’t know what I am People say that I stand apart But they just don’t understand * Everynight when the darkness calls I’ll be there at your beck and call ** I’m a fool for you baby I’m a fool right now People say I’m a man of means But my plans are […]

Serenade – UFO

Let me hold the rhythm of your sway Let me steal you with this serenade, serenade Hey hey, I could see the magic in your eyes, There’s a fire beneath these Spanish skies, Let me steal you with this serenade, serenade (instrumental) Hey hey, let me mix you up a recipe, here’s doctor love to […]

No Getaway – UFO

I know that you’re alone I’ve been waiting out in the dark That surrounds your home ‘Cause after midnight I’ll be calling C’mon answer the phone * And baby you know there’s no getaway I belong to you I’ll be calling every night and day ‘Till you want me too Baby I’ve seen every movie […]

One Heart – UFO

he’s steppin’ out and she walks right through the president’s door In this world you know you’re just a fool to take He’ll give you something adds up to nothing It’s your heart that breaks * One heart stands alone Stripped right down to the bone One heart easy to break ( /How much more […]

Doing It All For You – UFO

I haven’t been spotted I seen Four more blocks and I’m safe Make it clean without a chase There’s something special, certain feeling I can’t blow this one for sure I’ve been nervous, anxious and edgy This one’s the last one there’ll be no more What I’ve got to do tonight Take the car and […]

Rock Bottom – UFO

Seventeen a nature’s queen, know what I mean Twenty one, a long one, and you can see the numbers run Now you look so peaceful, lyin’ there asleep With the wings of god above you Before the spirits meet –Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom * Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom Shadow work is […]

Cowboy Joe – UFO

I’m not looking to change your mind, There’s a place, call it home It’s no secret, the world unwinds Maybe now you’re not alone It’s just another day in the life of Cowboy Joe Straitlaced to the bone (This story will not play?) You take the wheel and play the chance Suddenly the room’s divided […]

Dreaming – UFO

Goodbye-girls killing time Feel like soldiers we couldn’t wait Running wild, rushing to our fate * We kept dreaming, Kids are dreaming Sleeping rough out on Brighton’s beach A step from the law just out of reach ** We kept dreaming, Dreaming me and you *** Got a plan we couldn’t blow Nobody cares, nobody […]

Hunger In The Night – UFO

Watch out Easy for some action holy satisfaction ooh Midnight makes a call skin begins to crawl Inside the heights upon the fantasies Let me introduce you now I’m gonna let you see the other side of me There’s a hunger in the night moves me completely Hunger in the night bleeds so sweetly (it’s) […]

Evil – UFO

Drive me crazy, drive me wild Get home from work I don’t feel all right Go in your bedroom you just want to fight Moving in, moving out, baby you move my mind about Don’t give me no reason don’t give me no lies Come to take you home from school you’ve broken all the […]

Who Do You Love – UFO

I’ve a little girl and she’s so fine, no doubt about it she’s all mine She’s the best girl i’ve ever had, she looks so good she makes me feel sad Who do you love, who do you love She gimme kisses every night she gonna make me feel all right When i ask her […]

Meanstreets – UFO

Caught in the rush there’s no pity On the edge of day Late night traffic, late to go home I’m slippin out into the twilight zone I’m on the edge of day * In a stolen moment two lovers meet Whisperin’ promises they can’t keep Across the bar jukebox plays Out in the night they […]