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It’s Killing Me – UFO

Strung out on a line Caught in life’s rough and tumble Blind leading the blind I wish there was an answer But she’s got such an easy way And you know you can’t leave her And you know you can stay * Oh it’s killing me Oh, love’s a mystery Oh, it’s killing me Oh, […]

Darker Days – UFO

Take me to heaven I can feel Jesus, right in my bones Looking for a high class up-market doorway With no connections, no telephones And I don’t care what it’s all about I don’t need to know Walking on water Walking on the mountain I’ve got no whiskey running through my veins They take me […]

You’ll Get Love – UFO

Cross the porch stars were bright Past my room and into yours Sliding locks and chaining doors * You’ll get love My kind of love (You’ll get love) / (I’ll give you love) The love you give to me (yeah) I see the men that come and go Through a hole that doesn’t show Every […]

This Kid’s /Between The Walls – UFO

So cocksure, thinkin’ aloud Can’t get it in (when you) can’t get it out Sure ain’t enough and there ain’t no doubt You can’t stop a train with just a smile Stop me at the start only for a while Hole in my pocket and a hole in my arm All that’s left when life’s […]

Gettin’ Ready – UFO

How were you to make the pieces fit Into a plan to start a new life Friends pat your back, then stab you with a knife ** I must be blind I’m gettin’ ready to be defined No [loose connections] cause it feels alright I’m gettin ready to hit the [line] Can you fee me […]

Blinded By A Lie – UFO

And it looks so very different in black and white I was “;part of the second party”;, that was me Signed away my life, really couldn’t see * Blinded by, blinded by a lie Blinded by, blinded by a lie I know it’s just the price you pay I know you’re nothing * Repeat Now […]

Dream The Dream – UFO

Beat you to the ground But I’m a long time gone, long time gone Wish I could see the blazin’ sunset Falling right into the bay But I’m a long time gone, long time gone * To dream the dream that’s over To live and love again Oh my America And to be where my […]

(A) Self Made Man – UFO

I’ve found my madness quite complete No sign of light or love divine intervention While I was scoring on your street I am the demon of your darkest thoughts Wired to self destruct A greedy, nasty, selfish little man Who could never have or get too much * But if the very thought makes you […]

Cherry – UFO

dance for me there’s only you play the barrooms just for pennies Wish I wasn’t just passing through Tell me your secrets, tell me no one way lyin’ now We are golden, We are golden And I’m out here on the road, I feel just like a rolling stone Into the highways of thei night […]

Diesel In The Dust – UFO

I’m livin’ just for that thrill Nobody hurts me ‘cos the payback’s twice as bad In this town you don’t make a man mad * Ted McKinley’s dying At the wheel of his truck The engine running till it seized up And nobody heard a thing Not a shout or gun shot ring Just a […]

Highway Lady – UFO

Take no orders, don’t get fired I waste away cruisin’ along * Fighting blizzards, ragin’ storms Hold the wheels tight, know I’m born to ramble on Cruisin’ along But I stop, turn my head around Sleep until tomorrow, in my arms In my arms, Highway lady, Lorelei, dream the big time high above Highway lady, […]

Stopped By A Bullet Of Love – UFO

So very far from home A kid was playing Little Wing I sat drinking on my own Love and danger Oh, they walk hand in hand Said she was an actress Thought I was in a band Stopped by a bullet She’s a pinball rolling round my head She turned on a dime Left me […]

You And Me – UFO

I’m tired of hearing my own voice We can’t live on love alone To find some work I’ll have to leave our home And I know that things look desperate now But stand by me we’ll get through somehow * Ooh when you touch me it all fades away Ooh when you hold me I’ll […]

I’m A Loser – UFO

Why’re you tryin’ to make the evenin’ move so fast I’m in real trouble but I can’t go back home They locked the doors and I’m left out alone * You can come to my place and sleep on the couch Lots of people do it and we won’t leave you out Hard times out […]

Can You Roll Her – UFO

On the road a distant siren song Hands upon my engines growin’ Vincent’s[+++] deep throat breathin’ out so strong I can hold her, can you roll her Ride her like there’s no tomorrow Siren’s song sure is growin’ stronger Shadow reached a high note And in the distance [electric lights]++++ no longer I can hold […]

We Belong To The Night – UFO

The boys love her with that dirty, dirty talk Singles bar with the broken light Easy touch, a lady of the night * Ruby darling I need you Cross my heart and promise to be true ** And you tell me that you can’t change Your life’s been set, prearranged Hold on tight ’til the […]

(The) Only Ones – UFO

Anytime if you would call be right to your door Is it over, lost this time for good I never knew that I could be so misunderstood * We are the only ones, left alone with this heart of stone We are the only ones with nothin’ left but fools alone Life’s so empty, there’s […]

Running Up The Highway – UFO

3-D vision and a glance of heaven Picked up my six string began to play Just one touch and it started to say All your dreams will come true Lovely mansion with a pool so blue A red Ferrari and a model for a wife Oh yes it looks I was born for the good […]

Star Storm – UFO

trying to find my way down Somebody shut child a door in my head had to turn around But I gotta little time to set by Gotta let my feelings all shine You know that it will be all right I gotta get your love for just mine Found a starry storm it held me […]

Dreaming Of Summer – UFO

Woke up on a Manchester morning No sun up on the sky Caught the train down to London So broke I could make you cry When you get right down to it There’s really nothing in it I got a copy of the evening paper If there’s a job I will apply The DHS says […]

Pushed To The Limit – UFO

Keep off the street, go away and wait to die What you don’t see is what life means to me My woman says it ain’t right For a man my age to fight She don’t get it She ain’t in it I’m pushed to the limit Two clean shirts, I’m puffing on an old cigar […]

Primed For Time – UFO

Pulled up back of the parking lot This ain’t Miss Daisy now, look what I got .357 and it’s primed for time I’m just 16 but I’m blowing like a wind chime I get up, I go down Guess you could say I’m from the wrong side of town Tank commander in my neighborhood Well […]

One Of Those Nights – UFO

Fool I didn’t have a chance She took me like a house that’s burning Never gave a second glance Eat ’em up let ’em go and you never Let your feelings show She ain’t here and you’re asking why Life’s a bitch and then you die Come on lover just let go Is there something […]

Love Lost Love – UFO

Try to catch the band’s last song Backstage pass really showin’ out Feel that’s where I belong Sittin’ down with all the big stars at the bar I really have a rock vocation From monopedemania to schizophrenia Rise to any situation * Of old lost love, where will you go When the show is over […]

Martian Landscape – UFO

the wheat is still wheat Where the waters in the rivers is still water In this land every man lends a hand when you need it But your hands are full of life So you can help yourself and feel it It’s been a long way from the red of my home From the valleys […]

Silver Bird – UFO

Lying there all still lying there upon the sand A big silver bird had planted itself into the ground And being the kind of person who isn’t very easily alarmed Decided to take a walk to see just what I could find Walked around the walls, tapping to find me a door Looking for a […]

Back Into My Life – UFO

Looking for something, something that you knew And you’re wondering where she is Now there’s now there’s no more rendezvous *You’re left out here on this cold stark street With the sound of lovers as they tango and meet Their sweet surrender with a promise and a kiss Where’s that girl, the one you miss […]

She’s The One – UFO

There’s no defending, this feeling’s all too strong Every time and every place, I see magic in your eyes I wanna see you feel you hold you tight Till hell ices over I’ll be waiting tonight Oh, she’s the one I was stripped right down now yeah She had me reeling Oh baby, she’s the […]

Lettin’ Go – UFO

I’m lettin’ go now, I’ve been living too fast I’m not up in the morning Arid beat the clock at night it’s got so damn predictable, Feel I’m doing time **Oh no I can’t Stand another day I see those gates a’ closing Caught in the ricochet Oh no my life’s in miniature I’ll be […]

Too Much Of Nothing – UFO

(What) it feels like to a boy, when he don’t feel like a man But you gave me so much money And you would not understand I realize I hurt you, so I stay just as I am * But the whole world keeps on turnin’ Yes, the whole world keeps on turnin’ But the […]

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