Performer UFO

Love To Love – UFO

Night bars, guitars, rundown motels like shacks What it mounts up to I don’t want it at all Lost you […]

Unraveled – UFO

And you will be vain When the honeymoon is over She will suck out your brain Give me back my […]

Revolution – UFO

I’m waiting to put your loving to the test * I need to know, I need to give I need […]

Running On Empty – UFO

I’m running on empty Feel I’m running dry I don’t have a love life It’ll make a grown man cry […]

Born To Lose – UFO

Does it still feel the same, now that he’s not around Born to lose, Born to lose, make your mind […]

Follow You Home – UFO

Change your mind telling me lies Come and see you in the morning come and see u in the morning […]

Let The Good Time Roll – UFO

It’s on page 33 Attractive and exciting female Must be looking for someone like me Looking through your magazine Now […]

Rise Again – UFO

Warm and coral waters flow There she goes Sun kissed her body, in this magic feel love grow, Love grows […]

Mother Mary – UFO

Try to make some changes really on the line Given your religion, never ever time All the jokers laughing, queens […]

Smell Of Money – UFO

Down the money pit, with nothing to show Hey hey yeah Another twist, in the horror tale It’s an open […]

Lights Out – UFO

It winds all the way Right to the butt of my gun Maybe now your time has come From the […]

Something Else – UFO

Here comes that girl again Wanted to date her since I don’t know when She don’t notice me when I […]

Chains Chains – UFO

He played the tables /whenever he can/[“;While he can”;] Take some advice boy stay clean stay out of his way […]

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