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Love Deadly Love – UFO

I’m sitting here thinking Never thought I could be brought down And low yes I’m sinking * Bet on a […]

Love Deadly Love – UFO

I’m sitting here thinking Never thought I could be brought down And low yes I’m sinking * Bet on a […]

Ain’t No Baby – UFO

I know the score and it’s no great mystery I hear you talking and it’s all been said But what […]

Back Door Man – UFO

Lie cheat and give you a spoonful of lies I’m a high toned mother with an axe to grind Come […]

Just Another Suicide – UFO

Got me low, feelin’ down I’m wonderin’ why Caught me unawares No one knows and no one cares They put […]

Prince Kajuku – UFO

Take hold of the moonbeams, hang them around your neck Prince Kajuku’s coming feathers in his hair Tapping on his […]

Long Gone – UFO

Redlight bandits on the corner give no quarter calls Infectious garbage fills the streets and in their eyes you know […]

Midnight Train – UFO

Shaking now just like a willow tree So tell me what’s the story This track we’ll ride to glory Coming […]

Call My Name – UFO

I need to hear your voice again You know I want you to call my name Any time, there’s no […]

Knock Knock – UFO

As he held her in his arms They swore their love would stay forever more And never slip away From […]

No Place To Run – UFO

Fast from east to west On the street he’s number one Some say that he’s the best Got something going […]

Crystal Light – UFO

Coat I’m wearing’s blowing cold Turn my back to the wind Winter mist along the coast City lights closed down […]

Anyday – UFO

How it feels is nothing new We’re only going through the motions Me and you I’ll go back home again […]

You Don’t Fool Me – UFO

Just hold me tighter and love me maybe You’ll be my thunder, I don’t want saving You don’t fool me, […]

Out In The Street – UFO

Lady love to hang on Played it like a real intellectual Sweet sister your still shaking And your tragedy is […]

On With The Action – UFO

It’s the kids down there They were startin’ to rock High black fever runnin’ everyplace When the Greek kid pulled […]

Burnin’ Fire – UFO

Sent the blood rushing to my head And she was so exciting I took a walk I didn’t have to […]

Borderline – UFO

This rig is streaking like a hellbound train I smuggle whiskey, I smuggle gin Where there’s a need well I […]

Lonely Heart – UFO

To get what she wants when she can A little bit of heaven was all she asked for In those […]

Natural Thing – UFO

You can look but please don’t touch Didn’t like rock and rollers Seemed a bit much too much * Cause […]

Gone In The Night – UFO

And stay another night Let’s not talk too seriously We don’t wanna fight Now I don’t care about your reputation […]

Too Young To Know – UFO

And I’m lookin’ for some kind of halo When somebody says to me, boy She’s too young to know * […]

Shake It About – UFO

With that body you gotta be mine Was a brownie and i was a scout Baby i never knew how […]

Miss The Lights – UFO

The smoothest (???) in (???) The mission boys all cross their palms Don’t you know who I am I guess […]

Built For Comfort – UFO

arr. by Howlin’ Wolf (Chester Arthur Burnett) Some folk built like this, some folk built like that But the way […]

Love To Love – UFO

Night bars, guitars, rundown motels like shacks What it mounts up to I don’t want it at all Lost you […]

Unraveled – UFO

And you will be vain When the honeymoon is over She will suck out your brain Give me back my […]

Revolution – UFO

I’m waiting to put your loving to the test * I need to know, I need to give I need […]

Running On Empty – UFO

I’m running on empty Feel I’m running dry I don’t have a love life It’ll make a grown man cry […]

Born To Lose – UFO

Does it still feel the same, now that he’s not around Born to lose, Born to lose, make your mind […]

Follow You Home – UFO

Change your mind telling me lies Come and see you in the morning come and see u in the morning […]

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