Uma Cura – Sepultura

Talking Mouth To Mouth To Find Our Own
While We Step, Unsafe Ground
While Rejecting Knowledge
Blaming Fear In Faith To Weaken Our Own Fate
Starring Eye To Eye To See If We Could Fly
While We Feel So Lonely
While Regretting Knowledge

Uma Cura

Seek A Real Cure To Resolve Our Sick Minds
Fight A Cold War To Live In A Poor Way
While We Made New Nations
While We’re Killing Knowledge
Looking Face To Face To Find Our Own Fear
Blame An Open Mouth For Spreading The Real
What’s Our Future Hold?
Will We Gain New Knowledge?

Uma Cura Existe

Breaking All The Time To Find A New Vision
Fighting Destiny To Live What We Believe
While The Sick Are Dying
While The Bricks Are Falling
Bringing Back The Blood That Lives In Our
Acting In A Way So We Won’t Fall Apart
While We’re Holding Secrets
While We Spread New Knowledge

Uma Cura

Take A Broken Dream And Make It What We Will

Lyric Uma Cura – Sepultura