Winjer – Underworld

i’m having a whinge a winjer today today I could be a diamond I brought anything on a winjer having […]

Bruce Lee – Underworld

life kid suck drink from the box the juice kicks up life give suck the box drink yeah life kid […]

Spoonman – Underworld

tuesday tuesday world tuesday tuesday world I I I I…try I I I…try I I I watched you cry watched […]

Pearls Girl – Underworld

reverend al green deep blue morocco the water on stone the water on concrete the water on sand the water […]

Cowgirl – Underworld

I’m invisible (x8) And a razor of love (x 9) Why dont you call me? I feel like flying in […]

Pray – Underworld

As you would a child In a land of oppression Millions cry around the world But I cry in your […]

Air Towel – Underworld

bunny girl happy shopper bouncing ball telephone dial shifting sun are you waiting for a bus effort effort women sleep […]

Dirty Epic – Underworld

shake well before use she said you never touch me anymore this way connector in receiver out you let me […]

Cups – Underworld

bubble blow a bit faster liquid bubble fish take fast now faster bubble fast slow down the slope blue blue […]

Moaner – Underworld

kiss me I kiss you I know about you i’ve been told about you i’ve been waiting for you and […]

Jumbo – Underworld

I need sugar I need a little water of sugar I get thoughts about you and the night wants me […]

Stagger – Underworld

orange orange in the mouth again straighten wearing stonewashed denim again straighten carrying something wrapped in plastic straighten curled on […]