Category: UNHOLY

Colossal Vision – Unholy

Lord of dreams passed me here this warm slime – realm of fear There’s only one solution, use explosives, Detonate the way out I failed, rabid stream of worms covers me Horrible lifeforms, I can’t stand it Oxygen is running out, I can’t breath My thoughts are slowly fading away I sail trough colossal visions […]

Passe Tiermes – Unholy

Friends of cosmos dive into the sea of worlds Last ray of sunlight disappears and ritual begins Shadows of the arctic mountain surrounds primitive people Excited rhythm becomes absorbed by the shaman Extreme suitability of emotional and instinctual forces Wisdom of silence Stillness of the dark From self to cosmos There are worlds beyond imagination […]

Air – Unholy

Inside me Rumble of thunder eating my soul In a distance Storms and earthquakes finally begin Closing fast Bolt of lightning lights up the sky Confused minds begging for mercy Darkness surrounds this unreal world Horizon alters red, it sparks blood and all burns Black shadow in the sky once was the sun Goddess of […]

When Truth Turns Its Head – Unholy

Secret hopes are hidden inside my maelstrom Pale face in the depths of reality For ever and ever, Life’s a stroll in minor key Sympathy of cosmic powers Rest in the arms of sky Self-sacrificing volition Lost into chasm of lies Burned into collective trance Flagrant embrance of timeless dance Burned into collective trance Flagrant […]

… Of Tragedy – Unholy

entered the world not welcomed tears shed in pain never dry all my days I behold her cry “Nothing you say worth hearing All that you do brings me back to you The absence of love I’m sensing Is it me is it you makes me bitter makes me hate And I hate AND I […]