Performer UNHOLY

Stench Of Ishtar – Unholy

On earth surrounds darkness From space moonlight throws back And clearly no one is no one in here Somewhere outside […]

Immaculate – Unholy

Wrath wrought it strong Know your place, noble one Go harvest Babylon Can’t hold down this cardinal pain cannot bear […]

Dreamside – Unholy

Reaching for better tomorrow Crying the deeds of yesterday Taking me into lockers of my dreams Shining water’s wild song […]

Seeker – Unholy

Out of lord deliverance. Deliverance of Golden Cage No evil not without lust. No lust not without need No need […]

Neverending Day – Unholy

Fatefull numbers caught around my way Mutilating my past through eternity Life is like a chinky steel… Twisted branch of […]

Daybreak – Unholy

for you’re seeking hell waste not young life in vain Sight of flesh so tender only brings heartache and pain […]

Wanderer – Unholy

I possess the privilege of pain perpetual motion of perpetual unrest never ending search for the innermost ring realms where […]

Covetous Glance – Unholy

She has a violent craving for me I’m the minister of enraged copulation Supporter of violent passion I grew out […]

Colossal Vision – Unholy

Lord of dreams passed me here this warm slime – realm of fear There’s only one solution, use explosives, Detonate […]

Passe Tiermes – Unholy

Friends of cosmos dive into the sea of worlds Last ray of sunlight disappears and ritual begins Shadows of the […]

Air – Unholy

Inside me Rumble of thunder eating my soul In a distance Storms and earthquakes finally begin Closing fast Bolt of […]

… Of Tragedy – Unholy

entered the world not welcomed tears shed in pain never dry all my days I behold her cry “Nothing you […]