Crush The Skull – Unleashed

Preachers of the ancient lies Hypocrisy the golden rule I’m laughing with sardonic wrath At each of your ten commands […]

Captured – Unleashed

Another day, another hell within Yesterday’s sorrows come creeping by Soon to remind my of tomorrow’s lies I gasp for […]

Land Of Ice – Unleashed

Silent nights Under the winter sky In the land of ice Where the snow is white Silent nights And the […]

Bloodbath – Unleashed

Eyes cry How nice Screams of pain Am I insane? …Bloodbath To hunt the prey Makes my day Break the […]

Victims Of War – Unleashed

VICTIMS OF WAR The sound of enormous bombs Tearing apart the ground Bursting, crashing, slashing Black clouds fill the once […]

Mediawhore – Unleashed

Mediawhore… Just another face On the tv-screen What a sad excuse For a human being You’re a mediawhore With cocaine […]

The Immortals – Unleashed

Rise – my armies – with power – from Hell – we march… When all their power’s gone and nothing’s […]

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