Onward Into Countless Battles – Unleashed

Off we sail from Svea shores To test our steel through out the world Soon to come a raging battle The strong will join and the weak shall fall The army of immortals rise To seek revenge of all the false So we raise the hammer high And call to Odin for a sign… Join […]

Shadows In The Deep – Unleashed

Shadows in the deep, once flesh and blood Promised to finally see the light Taking farewell of this life’s mortal Hell Hope to face the master, his blessings to tell But lost are the souls who gaze into void In search for a life beyond the grave Still shadows bleed… eternally Shadows in the deep, […]

Never Ending Hate – Unleashed

Mindless people without a face Cannot stand our human race So they call us left behind We laugh with pride, stand and fight Never ending hate Politicians in the lead Empty brains they will feed Never trust’em not a sound Slay’em down to the ground Never ending hate Try to make us compromise Listen fast […]

Hero Of The Land – Unleashed

Long ago when the century was young Lived a man who passed his land on to his son Long ago when the moral of man was high Life was a battle just to survive Every day a struggle and a toil To harvest the land and to seed the soil He worked in the forest […]

Forever Goodbye (2045) – Unleashed

Appears before my eyes It seems to be the very last I see before I fly High above the earth and soon To reach another day The good old 1995 Is now just a memory …goodbye Flying high above the sky As the planet burns A journey to another world There is no return Visions […]

Born Deranged – Unleashed

Bombs go off and shake the ground Radiation all around It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t sound All survived or so it seems Another nuclear life begins A child is born with twisted limbs Born deranged Born deranged Born deranged Born a mutant so deranged Cannot see it’s parents face Cancer inside growing pain Coughing blood, […]