Performer UNLOCO

Useless – Unloco

But it’s all I’ve come to know Push me and you shoved like you always do But nothing’s ever the […]

Panic – Unloco

In the beginning I’m sitting in The middle of a crowded Room Nobody hears me trying to reach Out just […]

Bystander – Unloco

All I do is say I alone can be your mind This is not the same I am not the […]

Face Down – Unloco

Because you don’t seem to care And if I grow old Then you were never there And yet it’s hard […]

Clean – Unloco

Cuz you never been More than a friend I try to push you away And make myself clean And forget […]

Less Of – Unloco

I’m less of nothing again I take my life and what I do I feel I’m the last to be […]

Whimper – Unloco

Another piece of me lashes out When I’m losing all control Then I see your ways And everything that never […]

Reckoning – Unloco

Can I tell you Sick inside your mind is all I see Now you’re looking to point Your finger Take […]

Nothing – Unloco

Left for you to take away I know you blame me For every time you walked away So what you […]

Naive – Unloco

Wanna be that guy I hate Hey man, want to front some shit Want to claim you’re it And be […]

Far Side – Unloco

Not to hate me But it just won’t go away I see all I can see I’m hoping for a […]

No One – Unloco

Will I ever realize That this thing this man was me But then I suffocate Everything that I relate It’s […]