Actress, Model… – Unwritten Law

I’m dating an actress And I’m just writing to let you know Why I’m so far from home I followed her to Stella Adler A method man was what she was after She must have seen them on TV She’s my actress model dancer whatever I’ve been watching you I’ve been wanting you Actress model […]

Rejected – Unwritten Law

or something I became said he filled his head with lead just to take away the pain I’m not gonna give in gonna stand up and fight make believe that the world is safe for you and me tonight I don’t want to I don’t need to understand the world we live in just because […]

Differences – Unwritten Law

try and cover up the facts they orchestrate their twisted lies and buy their alibis I find it strange the same there’s always someone else to blame we watch the clock go ticking by and now we wonder why let’s get away can’t take this place it won’t be long before you see me break […]

Babalon – Unwritten Law

I ain’t havin none of that Raise hell, prevail, as long as it sells High priest, all cease like your TV evangelist Use them as they catalyst Who cares, time wears Ain’t it always fair So let them stare And what’s been wrong, I’ll make all right Well right on, right on LetЎЇs start a […]

Tell Me Why – Unwritten Law

wrong with my life and all of its confusions why did she leave me with nothing to show except for a shallow disillusion ’cause I can’t seem to figure out why you feel this way and I guess I’m to blame if I told you that I didn’t care about this place would you think […]

Lonesome – Unwritten Law

Cause you’re not around And I’m feeling lonely Same old episode for me, heading for catastrophy And I can see that its Association with the past So think about it It’s like a tie that did not last Don’t move so fast Don’t run Cause you might find out, find out I’m the one And […]

How You Feel – Unwritten Law

But baby you got a ticket to ride But if you want me, gots to let me know Cause its so hard to let you go Well i’ve been round this block ten thousand times So just patch me, just one more line But if you want me, gots to let me know Cause its […]

Tribute – Unwritten Law

Will life go on any longer a blank page in the book of life Conceive this time behind me because the future is gone Meet face to face with a bad dream the thought remains It can’t go on Will you be standing there Call my name at the ending light I’ll set my soul […]

Elva – Unwritten Law

I got sixteen people breathing down my neck And it’s kinda hard to keep your head afloat When the rain won’t stop and your face is soaked But i’m I’m alright, alright I’m alright, alright So just hang on cuz I I won’t be long and Just sing that song to me Goes i’m in […]

Oz Factor – Unwritten Law

in my mind you’ll find the fiend I don’t think I can hold on much longer the pressure gives in and that’s just a part of me well can’t make my difference in this world where I am crazy my mind starts wearing thin reality sets in that’s what I’m brought here for what you […]

Rescue Me – Unwritten Law

Fallin over once again Dropped out Hand extended for a friend Looked up And there’s you lookin in And who cares Cause no ones lookin anyway Impaired My vision lost it yesterday And that’s fine Don’t mind feelin that way Just don’t let me lie here by my self LetЎЇs go I know I’m faded […]