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Radio Shut Down – Uranium 235

You fill a pig and make ’em sick Amazing what they’re calling a simple way of life They’re looking face down at you, Your radio shutdown says Your radio, Says no, Says no Your radio, Says hurt you Don’t want your preaching, ’cause your government has failed Those hypocrites, They make me sick One will […]

Scent Explosion – Uranium 235

A mother holds her pride, And glances to the ground A key was left for her to find Her seeds were lost inside, A shroud of endless clouds Does it feel all right ‘Cause you seem uptight In a sea of relevance, Riding through the wind A seething wave of decadence, A lost communion A […]

Walk On Through – Uranium 235

–How does she feel tonight, Tossing genders feeling out of sight Trying to possess what her mother seemed to forget –On a seesaw elevating, christian soul not hesitating No need for education –You Liar, Liar It’s time for liberation –Facing your fears I know your name, And I’ve see you What you’re gonna do so […]

Creator – Uranium 235

Everybody, take some more Justified to meet their maker Satisfied to be your creator You want more out of life As is sucks out your eyes Fashion ain’t no surprise Lower your chin and open wide Strapped in your mirror world, silently waiting But something’s coming at you So turn around ’cause here it comes, […]

Drown – Uranium 235

Drown, Drown Drown, Drown, Suffocating no air, Underwater no air Drown, Drown, Suffocating no air, Underwater no air And you know that I need you So give me something I can do But you just take and rip away, until it’s over I’ve been waiting for so long Finally found out what went wrong Listen […]