Very Sad Trousers – Urge Overkill

Very Sad Trousers They’re very sad I’ve got the hand, going out of my mind I’m just sliding, all I want is a try I’m not joking when I blow that tune The Royal Trux have got nothing to lose I keep rocking on the Royal Trux I keep stopping on the Royal Trux I […]

The Candidate – Urge Overkill

I am the candidate, I hope your voting for me, Candid candidate, making promises so easily I am the candidate, But I’m not your favorite son – you say I hope you come out on election day I am the candidate, but you don’t need me, Looking down like a satellite, oh, how I wish […]

Dubbledead – Urge Overkill

There is a man there Trapped in a black chair ask him his name and he’ll say and he’ll say “;I’m Ollie Alpha, of Electric Omega, Tried and fried down in Georgia. Hit me again!”; On the inside Fried on the inside but alive on the outside Too worn inside Too known there’s no cure […]

Henhough: The Greatest Story Ever Told – Urge Overkill

Smoke rises from a fire that warms the small cabin there As the young girl inside lights her man’s big pipe And kisses him goodnight But he is still and stares even deeper into the red flames that burn in the night In Henhough Around the fires of the Crow tribe the elders used to […]

Faroutski – Urge Overkill

I’m just a boy without a place it doesn’t bother me I’m going to find me another way I’m gonna finally count my change and get it all to stay But out on the road I’m going to roll into your own room and set a bad example for you that’s what you say it’s […]

Your Friend Is Insane – Urge Overkill

and she’s always been a friend but she’ll take you for that ride it’s what she laughs about it’s what she cries about when she gives a sacred sigh…huh well I know cuz I’ve seen it in her eyes Your friend’s insane she lives on her own pain she can’t explain your friend’s insane every […]