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Party Time – Uriah Heep

Party, party, party, it’s party time Friday night, I’m on my way I’m steppin’ out I’ve been working all day You better watch out ‘Cause I’m on the streets tonight We’ll it’s party time, I’m all zipped up It’s hot tonight and I’m ready for love Jack me up ‘Cause I’m on the loose tonight […]

Stay On Top – Uriah Heep

Everybody got somebody Trying to make you feel real bad Aint’ none of their business Talking behind your back Be strong in yourself Stand up – walk away Nobody gives a damn for a Single thing you say I’m singing Stay on top – never go under Lightning strikes Before you hear the thunder Stay […]

Think It Over – Uriah Heep

I’ve had all I can take I’ve taken just too much I’ve made a big mistake That put me out of touch I don’t think I can face Another single day Without a call from you To take this pain away So many tears ago You turned and walked away It could’ve been the end […]

Between Two Worlds – Uriah Heep

You’re not the only one Amongst the saints and sinners There are those that we can see And those no longer with us To take that walk again With someone you were close to On stage in the other world tonight And there are many Who will say it’s speculation We need to focus on […]

Heartless Land – Uriah Heep

I know the world is full of light So why can’t things just work out right Oh take me, take me From this heartless land It used to be so full of love But now it’s only push and shove Oh take me, take me From this heartless land Just a breath of new life […]

Question – Uriah Heep

There’s a lie that runs Across the human race There’s a truth that draws A tear upon your face A child is crying and it echoes All over the world If we try to find some Deep communication Bring an end to war And start a new creation From the truth inside It’s waiting, it’s […]

Heartache City – Uriah Heep

Hit the city, hit the night Hit the club, sip the wine Just remember to leave on time Hit the red lights, check the girls You’re steppin’ into another world See the man, he’ll spin you alive But just remember to leave on time Heartache, city of heartache city City of heartbreak pity Heartache city […]

My Joanna Needs Tuning – Uriah Heep

I was waiting for somebody This afternoon Hope that she remembered Our rendezvouz And when she didn’t show Just like yesterday I do the last, I’ll find another way One night I saw the stranger Across the hall I knew he was the reason Why she didn’t call I wish I had imagined Or dreamt […]

Cheat ‘N’ Lie – Uriah Heep

Well, it seems to me That I’ve been cheated And it would appear That I’ve been lied to All the promises That you repeated Were never destined To come true When I stop to think How I once trusted you It’s harder still To bear this doubt I’m a innocent victim of Heartbreaking circumstance And […]

Backstage Girl – Uriah Heep

Wanna hear some music Wanna feel it Play it nice ‘n’ loud Will you be my sweetheart Come backstage Hang out with the crowd Guess who’s back in town Her name is Lucille She knows the words To all the songs She talks in pictures Can’t stand her tongue Lucille’s back in town She loves […]

A Right To Live [alternate Version] – Uriah Heep

I must thank Lord In my hour of need I’ve given way to a better man But I ain’t been free To push the hour here In this soul of mine I’ve burned my bridges And I’m satisfied The preacher’s due here In an hour or so To give me reasons for The things I […]

Different World – Uriah Heep

You can’t stop a man from learning I could write the book of love Captured moments there Between me and you Then I had the thought of leavin’ It was a voice inside my head Telling me I got to have the strength To see it through And I know it’s Gonna break your heart […]

Come Away Melinda – Uriah Heep

See what I have found A little ways away from here While digging in the ground Come away Melinda Come in and close the door It’s nothing, just a picture-book They had before the war Daddy, daddy, come and see Daddy, come and look Why, there’s four or five little Melinda girls Inside my picture […]

Against The Odds – Uriah Heep

In the court of kings I look around My blood runs cold, I close my eyes Out of my head a vision flows I’ll make the rules I need For my survival, for my survival I pull the strings, you take the glory I load the gun, you shoot me down I’m on the edge […]

Across The Miles – Uriah Heep

When I’m all alone on a distant path And my ticket home Has been torn in half Oh, I can hear your voice girl I can feel your touch Across the miles tonight On the road again will it always be That the dream has changed On its way to reality Oh but the thought […]

Love In Silence – Uriah Heep

This is our world, our future These are our times I believe we have to see In silence there’s no mystery The world is so busy talking What do they know They’re missing out on being alive Words are turning into lies We’re looking for love to guide us What do we know The truth […]

Keep On Ridin’ – Uriah Heep

Keep on ridin’ … By tomorrow morning At the early dawn I gotta hit the road So long lady Till another day, right now I gotta be movin’ on There’s another town and The singer needs a song I know you’re on your own I’ll be back before too long I gotta do what I […]

The Wizard – Uriah Heep

and a chance to meet him one night wondering. He told me tales and he drank my wine. Me and my magic man kinda feeling fine. He had a cloak of gold and eyes of fire. And as he spoke I felt a deep desire to free the world of its fear and pain and […]

Carry On – Uriah Heep

Carry on… So what can I do, what can I say Do I have to stand and watch you walk away I know there’s got to be a better way I just can’t go on living for today I thought I heard a voice out on the wind And I’m sure I heard it say […]

Everything In Life – Uriah Heep

It doesn’t matter what you say The cards are in your favour We don’t need no magic ride To take you far away Just give it a silent thought And you will find the power ‘Cause everything in life Will tell you something Yeah everything in life can set you free Can you remember a […]

Can’t Keep A Good Band Down – Uriah Heep

I can’t believe y’all are still sayin’ We’re a long way from rock’n’roll You won’t look for the good In the tunes we’re playin’ Prefer to say we got no soul But day after day in town after town People say we’re doin’ alright We play and we stay boogyin’ down And rockin’ on into […]

Wake Up (Set Your Sights) – Uriah Heep

For never shall we fail Stand up for your rights And justice will prevail You’re listening Through endless nights And decision is your goal So wake up, set your sights Oh, the time is right for your role Yeah, or your role Wake up, wake up, wake up Set your sights Never, never, never Shall […]

Perfect Little Heart – Uriah Heep

When I think about it Does anybody win Taking for yourself and giving nothing Now that we’re apart I see it wasn’t really love I can ride down the road And let my soul run free You may think it over But no matter what you say You’re talking to yourself And getting nowhere There […]

Dreammare – Uriah Heep

Laughing in my face Here within my troubled sleep There’s such a lonely place Running fast but never moving I can’t get away Strange but realistic objects Making me that way Then it’s gone as fast as it came Evil dream Changing like the sun turn to rain It would seem La la la la […]

On The Rebound – Uriah Heep

On the rebound, on the rebound That’s how you fell for me That’s how you changed my life You cut me like a knife On the rebound, on the rebound You came, you saw, you took It only took one look And lady, I was hooked On the rebound – it’s a replay… Your love […]

Shadows Of Grief – Uriah Heep

but I’ve been through all this before. You’ll kick and kick until I’m down, so don’t think of comin’ past my door. Oh No! You think love is such a pain. So the more it hurts the more you laugh. Just take it and shake it up and down, till you think you’ve had enough. […]

Playing For Time – Uriah Heep

Travel down the road of heartache Hear an echo in my mind I’ve played with fire Burned my fingers Now I’m gonna take my time You don’t have to shout about it Can’t you see it obvious Feel (?) it’s getting close to comfort Why you makin’ such a fuss? Take your time with What […]

First Touch – Uriah Heep

I dreamed of all The wonders in the world And lovers that I knew I saw so many good things At one time Mountains of emotion Coming right into view When I arose from my bed I got that warm glow At the back of my head First touch, feel the power Hear the thunder […]

Sweet Talk – Uriah Heep

I see your face in The magazine stand I wanna hold you in the palm Of my hand I love everything about you You’re such a long way away Your sweet talk Ain’t enough for me I may be deaf, but you’re Too blind to see You’re gonna break my bones With your feminine tones […]

The Poet’s Justice – Uriah Heep

turn to sweetness in her eyes. Fantasies I realized came to life to my surprise. Rain came and took her away just when I thought she was here to stay. Sun gone, I was left high and dry when love came by and touched me and kissed me so long. Shine hard October moon. He […]

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