Performer URIAH HEEP

Imagination – Uriah Heep

Sometimes I’m certain Sometimes my mind is filled with doubt Some thoughts lay heavy here Sometimes I think it’s figured […]

Rockarama – Uriah Heep

Wind it up, here comes the video It’s that song again Turn it up, it’s on the radio Charge me […]

Save It – Uriah Heep

Save it, save it, save it all for me… Save it, save it You’ve gotta save it all for me […]

Only The Young – Uriah Heep

I havent’ listened to a word you’ve said I’ve been wandering inside my head Don’t care what you think of […]

All My Life – Uriah Heep

and I told here there was something that I wanted to say. Just sitting there glowing, with her red light […]

Whad’ya Say – Uriah Heep

Lady you’re tyin’ me down Turning my heart to stone And I can’t help feeling I’d be better off Back […]

All For One – Uriah Heep

You think I’m crazy for wanting you But you just hide away Behind your untold truths And so I sit […]

Rich Kid – Uriah Heep

She’s a rich kid She wears diamond rings Knows how to walk Knows everything About love, she’s not too sure […]

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