Rich Kid – Uriah Heep

She’s a rich kid She wears diamond rings Knows how to walk Knows everything About love, she’s not too sure […]

Gimme Love – Uriah Heep

Love, love, love I’m looking for love Love, love, love When I was only sixteen Well, give it take a […]

Pilgrim – Uriah Heep

Leaving in the mist of morning On his journey of goodness Heaven sent, God blessed Pilgrim laughting at the world […]

Lying – Uriah Heep

Don’t let love make a fool of you Love is meant to tellin’ truth And never any lies Came to […]

Sundown – Uriah Heep

I’ll see you at sundown You can’t back out now The news is all over town I’ll see you at […]

Fallen Angel – Uriah Heep

Fallen angel… Everyone I see reminds me of you I keep turnin’ round Expectin’ you to be there I keep […]

Bad Blood – Uriah Heep

Desperate man, desperate times Desperate heart Once she was mine Bad blood, cold sweat The more I give, the less […]

Rain – Uriah Heep

But the way that I’m feeling’s becoming usual. I guess you could say the clouds are moving away, away from […]

Easy Living – Uriah Heep

This is a place I’ve never seen before, and I’ve been forgiven. Easy living, and I’ve been forgiven, since you’ve […]

Rainbow Demon – Uriah Heep

on his horse of crimson fire. Black shadows are following closely on the heels of his desire. Riding on in […]

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