Love Stealer – Uriah Heep

She’s got an eye on you There’s nowhere to hide She keeps her motives still Deep down inside She shows […]

Stand Back – Uriah Heep

I see him coming He’s out to get you He’ll get us fooling your door You’ve got a letter From […]

Illusion – Uriah Heep

In a forest known as heartbreak In a clearing in the wood ‘Cross a pathway called confusion Toward the garden […]

Salisbury – Uriah Heep

Something drawing me, to where, I do not know. I never really thought that I would lose myself. But now […]

Showdown – Uriah Heep

It’s getting hard to tell who’s right an who’s wrong I can see it coming so I gotta be strong […]

Prisoner – Uriah Heep

Time has come to say goodbye To the broken memories They’re locked inside like prisoners In a place that no-one […]

Lonely Nights – Uriah Heep

Will you risk your reputation I don’t know You just don’t know What you’re saying Anymore You know beggars Can’t […]

Party Time – Uriah Heep

Party, party, party, it’s party time Friday night, I’m on my way I’m steppin’ out I’ve been working all day […]

Stay On Top – Uriah Heep

Everybody got somebody Trying to make you feel real bad Aint’ none of their business Talking behind your back Be […]

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