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Seduction – Usher

OoOoOoO [Women] (sexy sexy sexy) voluptuous I love your confidence When you got it You got it Seduce me baby Seduce me Just to get my attention Send a note and a drink When we made our connection She just knodded and winked On this note it says: “Bout’ time we get together Lets dance […]

Bedtime – Usher

Feels like I’m going through withdraws I wanna hold you I want you inside of these arms I’m dying to taste you, I can’t deny Can’t get out of my mind Please let me hold you Cause I need your lovin’ tonight (Hook) Whenever I’m near you My love just comes down Whenever I see […]

Echo – Usher

Can’t keep listening To the whispering that’s Coming from your friends I recognize that my past is Bad but let’s get past the past when everybody’s hatin Can get desecratin But no hesitation no no Tell them just get gone They can neva keep a man So they wouldn’t understand That’s why they alone Baby […]

Take Your Hand – Usher

I feel like I just blow on up Anytime I could just lose control, caught up In your lovin’ everytime I feel your touch Second thoughts more doubts started buildin’ up You’re everything I wanted Before I knew just what I wanted And hey, hey You’re killin’ me on the inside And you’re the only […]

Can You Help Me – Usher

1 – Will you help me Tell me what you want from me Can you help me Tell me why you wanna leave Baby help me Without you my whole world is fallin’ apart And I’m going crazy Life’s so crazy when you’re in love for long (Ooh girl I love you) I need you […]

Lifetime – Usher

Cause it’s’ like your all I need since we been together and Whenever I’m in need of a little love It’s’ okay for me to open up but I just can’t give me heart to anyone Cause… Some only call it a life for a season and stay a while to give you a reason […]

This Ain’t Sex – Usher

Do you turn this up She shoulda’ve been Aah feel me, yeah You know What’s gonna happened If I get you over here Babyyy I can’t wait To get you up In my room Laitleee We sleep me Gonna set up the moon I’m gonna do you up I’m gonna do you down I’m know […]

Nice& Slow – Usher

Ah what cha doing Really You know I’m coming over right (now baby tell what you wanna do with me) Now you got it hot for me already baby Okay I’ll be there in about uh, give me ten minutes Be ready Ah Wear that little thing I like (now baby tell what you wanna […]

Simple Things – Usher

They say money can’t buy you love They say money can’t buy you love They never seem to listen I’m all ears Just copped your girl a brand new Rolex But you can never find the time to spend at home Thinkin’ it’s gon’ keep her happy When time is all she wanted all along […]

Truth Hurts – Usher

Yeah umm See it’s situations like this That causes us players to get caught up In umm the truth Yeah What you doing, where you been? I paged you and you ain’t hit me back I been callin’ and I know you see my number on that caller I. D. Just listen to the words […]

Throwback – Usher

Real talk. Usher, Just Blaze. [Usher] Oh! Oh ho! (Mmm you gonna want me back) (The last words she said to me now I’m wishing she was still here wit me) (You know your gonna need me) And now that day’s here, ya man gotta shed tears. (Mmm you gonna want me back) You never […]

Just Like Me – Usher

You got it going on (what, what) you got it going on (what, what) Come on, come on Strictly fuck with those (6) digit niggas If the first one is a (9) they a buck behind I live my rhyme At the same time can’t find myself layin up If you ain’t payin up Bullets […]

Pop Ya Collar – Usher

Hello everybody Welcome today… to the wonderful world of (1 second pause)you! Heh, heh Check it You have 2 options You can eat it Or throw it away-way-way-way (now Usher starts singing fast) {VERSE 1:} See it’s a shame that when your working hard and doooing well people hate you (yeah!) Buying nothing less, but […]

I’ll Show You Love – Usher

I’ll show you love more love baby It’s all about the love i have in me So baby let me show you love More love baby It’s all about the love i have in me So baby let me show you love Now come with me to my hideway That’s where you’ll find me night […]

Crazy – Usher

I’m crazy about you I’m crazy so crazy, about you (crazy ’bout you baby) What kind of love is this That keeps me hypnotized – cant’ get you off My mind Don’t ever let it end – let it go on and on and on Cause you know it turns me on Whisper in my […]

Before I Met You – Usher

Saw you for you yeah Remember [x15] you changed my life in so many way I just look back to how I used to be and how you dealt with me just want to thank you for… Just in case I never see your face again (face again) Just in case the worst was meant […]

Follow Me – Usher

Is slow it down on tha flo (you know you like that) (try some if you like that) Uh oh Uh oh, yeah When you look from outside All you see is videos and shows (yeah) But there’s more to my life than people could ever know (uh huh) Sometimes I gotta smile (smile) When […]

Superstar – Usher

This is for you, you, my number one This is for you, you, my number one Spotlights, big stage Fifty thousand fans screamin’ in a rage Bodyguards and limousines This is the way I see you in my dreams Paparazzi flash, hundred pictures all of you Hangin’ on my bedroom wall I’m a kid again, […]

Come Back – Usher

Na, Na, Na, Na, Na What Ya’ll wanna do What all wanna do (tell me) (JD’s RAP) See around here We’re just too much We could slow it down and ya still couldn’t Catch us My town Full of heavy hitters, Bread getters Real fly unforgettable type niggas See all I do is keep hittin’ […]

What Is A Man To Do – Usher

Listen I’d be lying if i told you That i didnt see it coming Be more of a liar if i said Hey i didnt want it to be something You deserve much better For the love that you have shared I know you wont believe it But girl i swear That i got love […]

T-T-P – Usher

Oh, oh, oh, T-T-P Somebody tell me Why do people stay in situations that”ll never work Thinkin’ bout you wanna leave and You can’t wait to get even When deep inside it really hurts I never should have gotten in the mix You never understand till you go through it All the rights things you […]

Can U Get Wit It – Usher

There’s so many thing that i want to do I promise u when i’m ready I’m gonna spend my whole life with u What is love is it steady Cause i don’t know what to do Tell me girl if you’re ready To do what we came to do One day we could be together […]

Think Of You – Usher

Sh de da de dup dem de doo All the time I think of you Holding on to someone new Don’t make me lose my mind Seems like I been here before Baby I can’t take no more Of you trying to play me out baby I feel so strange thinking about you After all […]

Separated – Usher

If love was a bird Then we wouldn’t have wings If love was a sky We’d be blue If love was a choir You and I could never sing Cause love isn’t for me and you If love was an Oscar You and I could never win Cause we can never act out our parts […]

Moving Mountains – Usher

Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh [Verse 1:] Now, now she loved me, shawty I loved her. Used to jump up in the Maybach and roll out. Used to care, she used to share… The love that she used to give me can’t be found. I lost my way, she said she’d stay. And lately […]

If I Want To – Usher

If I want to – I can take you from your man With my eyes closed I can have you eating out the palm out of my hand And all your little girl friends to (No you can’t – you’re a playa I don’t want you) Yes I can and I will if I – […]

U Don’t Have To – Usher

Situations will rise in a lives But you gotta be smarter about it Cele-brations, with the guys, I sacrifice Cause I knew you could not sleep witouting me 1- Will I, I love to took my girl See I, I don’t want took you But just so stay with me babe 2- U don’t have […]

Caught Up – Usher

Who been doin’ it my way Gettin’ my bread for years In my career And every lover In and out my life I hear love and left the tears Without a care Until I met this girl who turned the tables around She caught me by surprise I never thought I’d be the one breaking […]

Bad Girl – Usher

Shawty What it do? Oooooooh Pimpin’, oh boy uh What cha’ll know about a supermodel Fresh outta Elle magazine Buy her own bottles Look pimp juice, I need me one Bad than a mutha I hear you sayin’ I need a bad girl If you’re a bad girl Playas when you see me Act like […]

Trading Places – Usher

Hey I know what your use to but we gone do something different tonight. [Verse 1:] Now we gone do this thing a little different tonight. You gone come over and pick me up in your ride. You gone knock then you gone wait, ooh you gone take me on a date. You gonna open […]

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