Performer UTOPIA

Alone – Utopia

Will you lend me your ear Do you know the meaning of emptiness If not I’ll make it clear Alone, […]

Gangrene – Utopia

You can get it from the man if your money is green He says, “;You can have it”; He knows […]

Style – Utopia

Style is often overlooked Style is never in the papers I read it like an open book Style If you […]

Special Interest – Utopia

Got a special interest, got a special interest in you I hear you’ve got some pending legislation Regarding your romantic […]

Freak Parade – Utopia

They never made me afraid But then I never did dream I’d wake up And find me in the freak […]

Mystified – Utopia

I see a light all around your head You got a green I ain’t never seen And what a strange […]

Hoi Polloi – Utopia

Over by the palace wall I’ve not been dressed up since my graduation Haven’t been around at all Look what […]

Windows – Utopia

Careened up against the side wall For a moment everything went black Woke up inside somebody else’s hideaway in a […]

Windows – Utopia

Careened up against the side wall For a moment everything went black Woke up inside somebody else’s hideaway in a […]

Crystal Ball – Utopia

I’ve heard it all before I don’t need no gypsy I don’t need no crystal ball Since you started messin’ […]

I Will Wait – Utopia

When all I thought that I wanted Was someone to touch me Like I thought everyone was touched What did […]

Only Human – Utopia

It’s only human to despise yourself when you’re weak I don’t know why but that’s the way that it’s always […]

The Ikon – Utopia

In a time unique, in a place divine Keep your eye on the Ikon Shining in the light of eternal […]

Always Late – Utopia

My watch must have stopped I guess Dinner is cold and the kids are asleep I didn’t mean to get […]

Lysistrata – Utopia

What is the matter, ain’t you in love with me no more? I enlisted in the army today, One more […]

Rape Of The Young – Utopia

Won’t you have pity Won’t you have pity on the guiltless ones Hey Mister Chrysler Won’t you think about it […]

Eternal Love – Utopia

It might help to feel me in your heart I remember you happy, but thought it Unfair that we are […]

Too Much Water – Utopia

Got too much water under the bridge Got too much, too much, got too much Got too much water under […]

Love Alone – Utopia

Nobody says it quite the same Gives me a feeling I never knew Makes me so happy loving her. Love […]

Rock Love – Utopia

Been there myself and there’s one thing I know You got to choose your heroes, choose them well They could […]

Trapped – Utopia

So they put him in chains For acting too odd As the crowd shouted, “;Off with his head”; The priest […]

Mated – Utopia

Are we some kind of lovers? Everyone asks what you’re doing with me I know this is not what they […]

Life Goes On – Utopia

Life goes on, the world keeps turning and life goes on He was a company man He put his faith […]

Jealousy – Utopia

I was just trying to have some fun I let my guard down, I just turned ’round Someone slashed me […]

Sunburst Finish – Utopia

Lost in a whirling dervish ballet Musicians playing Out of tune in perfect harmony Traveling down the sandy track Compass […]