Performer VADER

Dark Age – Vader

When I’m walking through the night, Each time I see the visage of the moon, Dead cities amongst the sands, […]

The Final Massacre – Vader

Comes true the awful prediction, Still alive corpses lie in the street, Spitting the blood to the God, Dying in […]

Vicious Circle – Vader

See what the death looks like, Souls from the limbo, coming with eternal flames, Arrive in circles of trembling hands. […]

Anamnesis – Vader

the Knowledge preserved for us alone in this world of mud and rust decipher what is coded by our hands […]

Death Metal – Vader

Arise from the dead and attack from the grave The killing won’t stop until first light We’ll bring you to […]

Carnal – Vader

I tasted the fever of Your existence seems like cold grain to my mouth I stand aside, I stay away […]

Reign Forever World – Vader

“The inevitable process of evolution, climbing on to the higher levels of development is today available only for the chosen. […]

North – Vader

North is not just a geographical coordinate (even it may well be one in a world of hurt), but also […]

Testimony – Vader

Mesmerized by the silvery eye, Gray stone with the carved seals, I’ve found the forbidden gates! The wolves carry my […]

Wings – Vader

There have never been gods and devils, but there were people who were turned into them by others and trapped […]

The Calling – Vader

It is a loose interpretation/re-working of “Preliminary Invocation” from Solomon’s “Goetia”, which was compiled and translated by S. L. Mathers. […]

Carnal (Live) – Vader

I tasted the fever of Your existence Seems like cold grain to my mouth I stand aside, I stay away […]

Vision And The Voice – Vader

standing naked, strained as a dying worm with body of light gleaming like my disquiet with myriads of stars not-to-be-seen […]

Xeper – Vader

Pronounced “Khefer”, it is an English coinage expressing an Egyptian verb written as a stylised scarab and meaning “I Have […]

Total Desaster – Vader

I was born in a dark winter night Thunder and lightning greeted me Now it’s time to begin to fight […]

Foetus God – Vader

“What are the fruits of Chrisianity? Bigotry, superstition and persecution.” James Madison (1751-1836) US fourth President (1809-1817) Foetus god descends […]

I. F. Y. – Vader

I feel you Your son is dead I feel you Within my mind You’re fearing me Still fearing me My […]

Distant Dream – Vader

Oh, blessed be the Grand Watchers Who are not from a Race of Man But from beyond the times of […]

True Names – Vader

Katode Ray Messiah arising from the screen Saviour of Digital Ones worshipping holy zero Cybergod hidden in the grid Encryptor […]