Performer VADER

Fractal Light – Vader

Persistence of vision is not enough The common point is a law All systems do converge at last The mage’s […]

One Step To Salvation – Vader

Your unbelief, Conquering emperor, Woke up your brain, Restless thoughts, Still consuming your mind, You help my magic, With your […]

The Wrath – Vader

the walls all in blood of tormented to death putrid face of Demon gutting sacrifice in light of full moon […]

The Crucified Ones – Vader

Seem to reach up to the burning sky, Damned souls grouping on the dark, Going round the stretched arms. Bodies, […]

Demon’s Wind – Vader

Sealed with thousands curses, Haunted by the shadows, Unholy place where the dead materialize, In their phantom form, To penetrate […]

Silent Scream – Vader

Nightmare, the persecution A child’s dream of death Torment, ill forgotten A soul that will never rest Guidance, it means […]

Rapid Fire – Vader

Pounding the world Like a battering ram Forging the furnace For the final grand slam Chopping away at the source […]

Litany – Vader

Hateful as it may be percieved, “Litany” can be different things for different people. Choose your own enemy and conquer […]

Frozen Paths – Vader

I am soaring Among the endless mountains Grim winter, crystal sight Place forgotten by the gods Unknown for me Towers, […]

Silent Empire – Vader

The timeless domain of disinherited ones We do believe in silence All that is hidden and hushed serves our quest […]

Privilege Of Gods – Vader

“Our world is sick, our world is dying. All brave, honourable and dedicated to themselves men are the past now…but […]

We Are The League – Vader

Another bloody night Another damned place My head is fucked up I’ve got another face Too many bites I feel […]

Flag Of Hate – Vader

Dark Shadows lie over the city Tonight someone will die, you can hear Some painful scream the air is full […]

The Beast Raping – Vader

mammary vow to the pleasure hunt She gladly accepts in semen streams life-drenching vaginal penetralia Her Tokens of Loves are […]

Breath Of Centuries – Vader

Among the waters, beneath the seas Horrible thoughts destroy the minds Through the endless nights You don’t know what’s to […]

Chaos – Vader

Time to die – my cruelty will make you dead, Show your fear, don’t escape into madness, Your rotting gutted […]

Chaos – Vader

Time to die – my cruelty will make you dead, Show your fear, don’t escape into madness, Your rotting gutted […]

Freezing Moon – Vader

Everything here is so old Everything here is so dark I remember it as from a dream The corner at […]

Kingdom – Vader

Amongs the fire torrid wastelands of Sheol Where the tower of Baphomet stands Sorrounded by the oceans of insanity and […]

Merciless Death – Vader

You fall before us, shattered in vain You thrash about us, screaming in pain Tortured and flaming, you’re on your […]

Dark Age – Vader

When I’m walking through the night, Each time I see the visage of the moon, Dead cities amongst the sands, […]

The Final Massacre – Vader

Comes true the awful prediction, Still alive corpses lie in the street, Spitting the blood to the God, Dying in […]

Vicious Circle – Vader

See what the death looks like, Souls from the limbo, coming with eternal flames, Arrive in circles of trembling hands. […]

Anamnesis – Vader

the Knowledge preserved for us alone in this world of mud and rust decipher what is coded by our hands […]

Death Metal – Vader

Arise from the dead and attack from the grave The killing won’t stop until first light We’ll bring you to […]

Carnal – Vader

I tasted the fever of Your existence seems like cold grain to my mouth I stand aside, I stay away […]

Reign Forever World – Vader

“The inevitable process of evolution, climbing on to the higher levels of development is today available only for the chosen. […]

North – Vader

North is not just a geographical coordinate (even it may well be one in a world of hurt), but also […]

Testimony – Vader

Mesmerized by the silvery eye, Gray stone with the carved seals, I’ve found the forbidden gates! The wolves carry my […]

Wings – Vader

There have never been gods and devils, but there were people who were turned into them by others and trapped […]

The Calling – Vader

It is a loose interpretation/re-working of “Preliminary Invocation” from Solomon’s “Goetia”, which was compiled and translated by S. L. Mathers. […]

Carnal (Live) – Vader

I tasted the fever of Your existence Seems like cold grain to my mouth I stand aside, I stay away […]

Vision And The Voice – Vader

standing naked, strained as a dying worm with body of light gleaming like my disquiet with myriads of stars not-to-be-seen […]

Xeper – Vader

Pronounced “Khefer”, it is an English coinage expressing an Egyptian verb written as a stylised scarab and meaning “I Have […]

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