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The World Made Flesh – Vader

Most often a trap and a deception, a word can also be an act of creation and the careful repetition may bring into being new modes of existence. This is my litany Against things small and dumb And the gods of Stasis and Hubris But for the Word that Makes This is my word made […]

Xeper – Vader

Pronounced “Khefer”, it is an English coinage expressing an Egyptian verb written as a stylised scarab and meaning “I Have Come Into Being.” To know this Word is to know that the ultimate responsibility for the evolution of your psyche is in your hands. Xeper is the Word for freedom, ecstasy, fearful responsibility, and the […]

Creatures Of Light And Darkness (Live) – Vader

A man chosen to trace down a god In the world between two houses The cycle unwinds so slowly The middle worlds laid to waste The things that cries in the night Defeated by the prince who was a thousand All gods could not withhold the nameless The terror that lurks outside Creatures of light […]

Total Desaster – Vader

I was born in a dark winter night Thunder and lightning greeted me Now it’s time to begin to fight Kingdom of heaven; I can’t see… My home is the bloody Hell The place where Satan rules The world is now like a big shell The fire of hell will destruct you fools I can […]

Black To The Blind – Vader

Black to the blind is She above and black to the blind we seem to be god-fearing sheep will never perceive the embodiment of the lust divine Nothingness thickens and bends down a new creation taking its primal breath this world’s eternity vacuum unfolds dissolution of things stiff and dead Black to the blind Starry […]

Foetus God – Vader

“What are the fruits of Chrisianity? Bigotry, superstition and persecution.” James Madison (1751-1836) US fourth President (1809-1817) Foetus god descends in silence a bastard deity for us to believe blasphemy of gen collage in backward sombre involution Foetus god abortion of the Diine latent rape of wet, lewd womb man-made myth to blunt in mind […]

I. F. Y. – Vader

I feel you Your son is dead I feel you Within my mind You’re fearing me Still fearing me My kingdom comes You tried to do To lead me through eternity But this is the morning of our law And this is the dawning of our law I hear you Your fadin’ voice I feel […]

Distant Dream – Vader

Oh, blessed be the Grand Watchers Who are not from a Race of Man But from beyond the times of the Gods Lurking forever about the barriers Thou who are the One in Three and Three in One With the names that set a soul ablaze KUA MASS SSARATU – Thy Sword of Flames I […]

True Names – Vader

Katode Ray Messiah arising from the screen Saviour of Digital Ones worshipping holy zero Cybergod hidden in the grid Encryptor of the soul and Holder of the code Master of all angles arising from the no-place Installer of the feelings long and past foregone Purveyor of the minds lost from now on Monitor that knows […]