Performer VADER

Freezing Moon – Vader

Everything here is so old Everything here is so dark I remember it as from a dream The corner at […]

Kingdom – Vader

Amongs the fire torrid wastelands of Sheol Where the tower of Baphomet stands Sorrounded by the oceans of insanity and […]

Merciless Death – Vader

You fall before us, shattered in vain You thrash about us, screaming in pain Tortured and flaming, you’re on your […]

Dark Age – Vader

When I’m walking through the night, Each time I see the visage of the moon, Dead cities amongst the sands, […]

The Final Massacre – Vader

Comes true the awful prediction, Still alive corpses lie in the street, Spitting the blood to the God, Dying in […]

Vicious Circle – Vader

See what the death looks like, Souls from the limbo, coming with eternal flames, Arrive in circles of trembling hands. […]

Anamnesis – Vader

the Knowledge preserved for us alone in this world of mud and rust decipher what is coded by our hands […]

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