I Don’t Care – Velvet Chain

Music: J. Stacy/E. Amato Here we are – coming apart Well we were through, from the start Love is not your thing You don’t hear, without listening You don’t know what to do, with it… You don’t mean a thing to me Losing you’s all right by me Never knew someone could be So in […]

Warm – Velvet Chain

I’ve seen you looking at me I know you’re asking all about me You’re the one to keep your cool I kinda like the way you play it down, but… Let me tell you something You warm little mother… I want to get just a little more action You don’t run from me You don’t […]

Southwestern – Velvet Chain

I should have known, Southwestern’s overblown I thought it looked casual, it really felt like home Well I…feel so stupid now, I wanna hide I live in Santa Fe – unless I go outside You can imagine, exactly what I’ve done Kind of like Aztec, all faded by the sun I’ve made some bad decisions […]

Emily – Velvet Chain

I had a dream I could leave you behind Looking back over my cold shoulder Little girl stepping down to the river You call for me but I do not answer In a daze I was walking away Losing memories of love and laughter I was fading into the darkness It was me, but there […]