Time And Days – Velvet Chain

All of my ambitions Push me through the years All my struggles and anticipation Keep away my fears Don’t tell me what happened yesterday Time and days gone by must fade away Throw my jaded memories out the window They only hurt me They only bring me down, only take me down And keep me […]

Watching You – Velvet Chain

Music: J. Stacy/E. Amato I’m watching you, from where I stand… The ground is shaky… When you pass close by My head is spinning Here is safe, here is sound As long as you’re around Keep you mine, if I keep my distance As long as I just hesitate and hold my ground I’m watching […]

FRENCHIE (Crazy Music) – Velvet Chain

Music: J. Stacy I see you at the show, ok? Ok, bye bye I love that crazy music I love that crazy music That stuff trips me out Trippy stuff I love that sound I love that sound Hello? Hello…? That’s some spaced-out stuff Really spaced-out stuff I love that crazy music Ooo baby, I […]

Strong – Velvet Chain

Music: J. Stacy/E. Amato Baby I see – You’re vulnerable to me That’s your power over me Baby, baby, I know – It’s always been so Physical love is oh so meaningful for you You write love letters to me – strong You know how to talk to me – so strong Baby, I’m yours […]

Come To Me – Velvet Chain

Won’t you come see me now, my love Are you thinking of me And how easy it could be Won’t you come over to me now We could be together Will you stay away Will you stay away forever I haven’t seen you for so long If there’s something wrong Come to me I am […]

I Don’t Care – Velvet Chain

Music: J. Stacy/E. Amato Here we are – coming apart Well we were through, from the start Love is not your thing You don’t hear, without listening You don’t know what to do, with it… You don’t mean a thing to me Losing you’s all right by me Never knew someone could be So in […]

Warm – Velvet Chain

I’ve seen you looking at me I know you’re asking all about me You’re the one to keep your cool I kinda like the way you play it down, but… Let me tell you something You warm little mother… I want to get just a little more action You don’t run from me You don’t […]

Southwestern – Velvet Chain

I should have known, Southwestern’s overblown I thought it looked casual, it really felt like home Well I…feel so stupid now, I wanna hide I live in Santa Fe – unless I go outside You can imagine, exactly what I’ve done Kind of like Aztec, all faded by the sun I’ve made some bad decisions […]

Emily – Velvet Chain

I had a dream I could leave you behind Looking back over my cold shoulder Little girl stepping down to the river You call for me but I do not answer In a daze I was walking away Losing memories of love and laughter I was fading into the darkness It was me, but there […]