Performer VENDETTA

On The Road – Vendetta

On the run we kill to eat, we fight to survive Never going backwards – speed, powerdive Headin’ for disaster, […]

Traitor`s Fate – Vendetta

You are chosen, searchin’ for you, you will feel the pain We’re sadistic brains of malice, we’re the men insane […]

Never Die – Vendetta

What is in my brain, am I just the same, is it just imagination? Question in my mind: can I […]

Revolution Command – Vendetta

Charging’em tonight – the ordinary man’s eternal fight Leave the loser’s road, for power we must strive And you know […]

Conversation – Vendetta

Tell me who’s the Lord of justice, tell me who is right. Who’s to say that I am wrong, who […]

War – Vendetta

War – hey mother, do you want war, hey mother? War – murdered love, aggression, war, brutality. War – black, […]

Brain Damage – Vendetta

Life is like a vehement vortex, evil hands draw me into it. Down into the depths of confusion. Need a […]

Metal Law – Vendetta

Power, destruction, mayhem and death, hot violation. Flashing our swords, killing all that we can, we will attack you. Feeling […]