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System Of Death – Vendetta

Die, you warrior die, run to the front, hear the battle cry Kill at my command and conquer the land. Kill another fly. Just follow me, I’m the God of the land And you wear my brand. Killin’ the Reds, aggression and death lie in their hands. Son, son die insane, play the fool for […]

Metal Law – Vendetta

Power, destruction, mayhem and death, hot violation. Flashing our swords, killing all that we can, we will attack you. Feeling the power of our inner soul, (you) can’t stop the fighters. March of the maniacs, battle and war, frenzied assassins. Thunder and lightning, legions rise in the night. Don’t look behind you, warriors are ready […]

Suicidal Lunacy – Vendetta

A new injection’s over, watch each step you take This is a dangerous day You fired a bomb again, your body starts to ache Your mind is blown away. Your eyes are starin’ mad, you feel the drug inside You fly away again now Will leave this world behind, will reach the blackened sky But […]

And The Brave Man Fails – Vendetta

to salute their Lord Make a sacrifice tonight, kill men from abroad They can’t escape, there’s no place to run Stupid methods, fear of death, ’til the battle’s done The President has said to ’em: “The enemy is near! Kill’em all, defend your country, march out without fear!” Despotism at it’s best, see the fuckin’ […]

Dominance Of Violence – Vendetta

Violence in the fight for independence. Attempts in a trance of high reaction. Tragedies by handymen of death, extreme radicals, militants. There’s no surrender in the fight against the rules. Death’s to change the structure of society. Straight ahead leads the way of your beliefs. Terror, rage and energy for liberty. But DEATH and TERROR […]