Skinnydippin’ – Vengaboys

Gonna pick you up tonight at one. A private Vengaparty that is gonna last the whole night long Party till the cops show up, ’cause then we gotta run. We don’t care what the people say, Nothing’s gonna stop us gonna do it anyway. Tonight’s the night let us show you how Hey what u […]

Ho Ho Vengaboys – Vengaboys

Vengaboys – Ho Ho Vengaboys … Okay… Party People Are You Ready??… … Cause I Am! Here We Go!… … Wow!… … Yes, Come On Now… … If You Wanna Feel Like Me Too… … Open Up Your Heart And Be True… … This Is The Way To Be Free… … So Come With Us […]

Vengababes From Outer Space – Vengaboys

Oh Weh Oh Oh Weh Oh Oh Weh Oh Oh Weh Oh Something Special’s In The Air This Evening Everybody’s Looking At The Sky Messages That We Have Been Receiving Vengababes Are Here To Take You High Oh Weh Oh – It’s A Cosmic Celebration Oh Weh Oh – Vengababes Are Here To Stay Oh […]

We Like To Party – Vengaboys

We like, we like to party We like to party We like, we like to party We like to party We like, we like to party We like to party I’ve got something to tell ya I’ve got news for you Gonna put some wheels in motion Get ready ’cause we’re coming through Hey now, […]

We’re Going To Ibiza – Vengaboys

This Is Captain Kim Speaking Welcome Aboard Venga Airways After Take Off Will Pump Up The Soundsystem Cause We’re Going To Ibiza! I Don’t Wanna Be A Busdrive All My Life I’m Gonna Pack My Bags And Leave This Town Grab A Flight Fly Away On Venga Airways Fly Me High Ibiza Sky I Look […]

24/7 In My 911 – Vengaboys

And I’m ready to roll Watch me go now I’m leaving this town To the Costa del Sol Come on let’s go now The stars are out tonight The moon is shining down on me With rays of pure delight And I’ll be spendin’ 24/7 in my 911 And I ain’t gonna work A 9-2-5 […]