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Live Like An Angel (Die, Like A Devil) – Venom

I’m the kind that likes to get around, Living fast I’m on the run, I take my chances cos’ I’ll only die young. Live like an angel die like a devil, Got a place in hell reserved for me, Live like an angel die like a devil, Gonna burn in hell that’s where I’m gonna […]

Hellchild – Venom

Demon of delights you won’t fight Hellchild Tonights the night tonight I walk the streets of darkness Indulgence in the air To late to save the few Who knew of what and were But as I near the answer Grows into a lore Satan’s commandments From the pits of hellfire roar Hellchild The midnight oil […]

Lady Lust – Venom

In dim lit corners dressed in black the bitch portrayed Oh what’s your thing young man or try her lucky dip The golden showers free but don’t forget the tip She can be your mama She can be your child She can be your slave girl Boy medusa necrophile LADY LUST She’s never disappointing she’s […]

God’s Forsaken – Venom

Nevermore the saviour – bound and damned Thou shalt not – be Thou shalt not – live One law for one Do what thou will – gods forsaken – lead me in to hell Vicious by nature – evil at heart Carnal indulgence – the finest art The lies of ages – love you to […]

Poison – Venom

Your rotten to the core, Every body knows what you got, But they still come back for more, Your everybodys favourite, You give them all a good time, Your loves a total disaster, But when they sign the dotted line they’re, Poisoned One night with you and you’ve got me, Poisoned, Making love with the […]

Witching Hour – Venom

The witching hour draws near, Come hear the bell is tolling, Mortals run in fear, Prepare the altar now and hear the virgin cry, Hold fast the sacrafice, For now it’s the time to die, All hell breaks loose, Hell’s breaking loose. Unveil the pentagram, And feel the demons lust, Come watch the holy men, […]

Acid Queen – Venom

You – can bring my soul out of me I’ll pay your wicked price-deliver your merchandise Gypsy you’ll drive me a dream Acid Queen Wild – tames the raging beast Child – helps the blind to see Demon controls my mind – leaves the real world behind Mould me a purgatory scene Acid Queen Acid […]

Possessed – Venom

Fire is burning inside of me Fire it burns Fire it burns Look at the children Look at my eyes Look at me Satans child Born of evil thus defiled Brought to life through Satanic birth Raised in Hell to live on Earth Come look at me and I’ll show you Things that will open […]

War Against Christ – Venom

Set alight in purgatory Tormented moans of pain Piercing dark analogies Spat out in full disdain War against christ War against christ War against christ Diabolus awaits you Tearing the flesh from bone Slicing edge of sharpened steel Terror to call your own War against christ War against christ War against christ Earth cracks asunder […]

Flight Of The Hydra – Venom

Chasing the locust on its trail Movements of majyk, false moves become tragic According to winds how we sail Flight of the hydra Flight of the hydra Snare of the pharaoh remember now they know Or knew of the universe vast Sign of the symbol finds passageway’s nimble Revealing the old satanas Flight of the […]

Senile Decay – Venom

It lifts it’s wretched hand And tells a tale of history In hell lifes contraband Putrid smells pour from it’s lips It’s eyes begin to bleed Lost elixir of life Baby maggots feed It’s a creature loved by children Oh if they could know the hell Hair reclining life declining Vomits at it’s own sweet […]

Raise The Dead – Venom

maddened eyes with fright fingers bleeding fast heart beating the moons my only light Ashes to ashes, dust to dust If God won’t have me, then the Devil must CHORUS: we will raise the dead we will raise the dead we will raise the dead stop at nothing raise the dead Gaze across the blackened […]

Cry Wolf – Venom

The night draws the warmth from my flesh Howls in the distance The wolves they catch my scent They yearn for my blood warm and fresh But I…. Cannot run, I cannot hide I’m moments old, yet terrified Snarling breath is on my face I am damned in this place Morning breaks the evening darkness […]

Harmony Dies – Venom

Demons calling to Hell Wise ways ye cannot sell Praying fools light their ways Night decends shrouds the day Unveil the hysterskies Immortal children cry Question of when and why Harmony dies Sacrifice the solstice Casting out the priestess Anger lingers in death Waiting the for the last breath Hell has no disguise Just look […]

All There Is Fear – Venom

Arise young souls alight Reclaim your satanic rights In time retrospect clear The past all there is fear Atomic atmospheres Crumble in ice faces Destructive tragedies Humble thee at stages Liquidate agitate Time-out for treason’s Maniac megalo-man Explosive liaisons Cataclysmic candidate Surplus adaptations Seismographic psycho Life & death remainders Lunar landing confirming Hollywood daydreamers Pyramids […]

Control Freak – Venom

Controller stands his ground Un-moving, fixed staring You must comply with his demands He tells you this Don’t think to question his will Mutter his congregation Un-told terrors will un-fold According to who – someone said Controller waves his stick Un-fearing, grip tightening You will understand all (one day) He tells you this Why can’t […]

Woman – Venom

Brew an orgy strong Priestess of the highest order Light the fires of song Chime the bell Raising hell Nothing can go wrong Trascend in motion make The wheels of life revolve WOMAN Wicked witch of yesterlands Bring your spirit here Tell us of your day of judgement Reinact your fear Dance in the flame […]

Tribes – Venom

blood is fresh but you are dead Cross into the freaks domain See your fear feel your pain The prophesy has now begun You cannot hide you cannot run Leave you bleeding at my feet You are natural you are meat Tribes Below the graves Breed Refuge by day Tribes their home beneath Breed Alive […]

Disbeliever – Venom

Naked cross – flesh deserving Gain from loss – undettering Feamle lust – crowd applauding In we trust – love marauding Disbeliever – disbeliever Disbeliever – disbeliever Alters bare – held on high An ancient lair – an ancient rite Worship her – standing ovation Destroy her – cry for the nation Disbeliever – disbeliever […]

In Nomine Satanas – Venom

We’ll acheive our goal With the blessings of Hades We’ll outlive our role Through the power of Hellfire We will gather our strength With the blood of mere mortals Our thirst will be quenched In the name of Satan Great things can be done Through the lore of the demons Satan’s song can be sung […]

Genocide – Venom

Standing in the wings The reaper waits to play his part Fear drains the blood From every pure human heart The final word is spoken A lovers last embrace No distance between life or death The two are face to face Take heed the golden dawn Genocide Genocide A prayer from the sinner For he […]