Performer VENOM

Sacrifice – Venom

fires burn within their eyes pentagram with baphomet midnight strikes goat of menders lifts his head summons up the living […]

Bitch Witch – Venom

Callous and cold without scent Sister of solitude – damsel of death Perverted by deep discontent Bitch Witch Widow child […]

Foad – Venom

Ignores the light of day Suspictious minds decide The fate you have to pay The judge and jury Cast aside […]

At War With Satan – Venom

poised, crouched on the corner of a cliffs edge waits eagerly, eyes glare patiently. Red eyes filled with fire and […]

Blood Lust – Venom

Madness Stalking the night Feeding fast on my prey Draining the life ‘Till the dawn of the day Drinking and […]

Blood Lust – Venom

Madness Stalking the night Feeding fast on my prey Draining the life ‘Till the dawn of the day Drinking and […]

Speed King – Venom

Whe she was rockin in the house of the blue light Tooty Fruity was oh so rotty Rockin to the […]

Pandemonium – Venom

Stretching their arms out Towards you clenching fists Inhaling atmospheres From hot fiery pits Laughter announces The musical war Crowley […]

Domus Mundi – Venom

Taste the soil, inside my mouth Muscles screaming, soundless cries Silent staring, of a thousand eyes Blood is pumping – […]

Rip Ride – Venom

The deadly race begins Cyanide, suicide No prayers or foolish whims Tonight we’ll fight With glory in our veins Can’t […]

Man Myth & Magic – Venom

Three score years and ten Where is armageddon You promised us the end A world in flames The next millenium […]

Moonshine – Venom

Taste her feel her Rising the west Hear the slack tormentor She’s the best Warm me cool me You can […]

Mystique – Venom

Mystique of mind reveal, Mystique of mind Mystique our majesty, Goddess unwind Mystique my reveil Match the eyes of the […]

Playtime – Venom

well aou ain’t heard nothing yet skooldaze over teacher thinks that’s no life skirts up, heads down, Playtime you know […]

Schizo – Venom

Mystery surrounds him, What terrible secret does he hide, An ordinary man, Doing what he can, But what goes on […]

Pain – Venom

Pain – Ripping through your senses Screaming in torment Waiting to die Mental strangulation – Choking all belief Psychic execution […]

Sons Of Satan – Venom

And brought blood, lust, hatred and scorn, Your sorry now you trusted me, Now I command that you get down […]

Nightmare – Venom

Fools scream out destiny They speak of vengeance and your gods into the fire – out of the flame The […]

Heavens On Fire – Venom

you’ve lived in paradise so now you take the stand you want to hold your masters hand you think your […]

Loaded – Venom

You pray for salvation Your soul you would sell Avoiding damnation And those who reign in hell A game for […]

Hellchild – Venom

Demon of delights you won’t fight Hellchild Tonights the night tonight I walk the streets of darkness Indulgence in the […]

Lady Lust – Venom

In dim lit corners dressed in black the bitch portrayed Oh what’s your thing young man or try her lucky […]

God’s Forsaken – Venom

Nevermore the saviour – bound and damned Thou shalt not – be Thou shalt not – live One law for […]

Poison – Venom

Your rotten to the core, Every body knows what you got, But they still come back for more, Your everybodys […]

Witching Hour – Venom

The witching hour draws near, Come hear the bell is tolling, Mortals run in fear, Prepare the altar now and […]

Acid Queen – Venom

You – can bring my soul out of me I’ll pay your wicked price-deliver your merchandise Gypsy you’ll drive me […]

Possessed – Venom

Fire is burning inside of me Fire it burns Fire it burns Look at the children Look at my eyes […]

War Against Christ – Venom

Set alight in purgatory Tormented moans of pain Piercing dark analogies Spat out in full disdain War against christ War […]

Flight Of The Hydra – Venom

Chasing the locust on its trail Movements of majyk, false moves become tragic According to winds how we sail Flight […]

Senile Decay – Venom

It lifts it’s wretched hand And tells a tale of history In hell lifes contraband Putrid smells pour from it’s […]

Raise The Dead – Venom

maddened eyes with fright fingers bleeding fast heart beating the moons my only light Ashes to ashes, dust to dust […]

Cry Wolf – Venom

The night draws the warmth from my flesh Howls in the distance The wolves they catch my scent They yearn […]

Harmony Dies – Venom

Demons calling to Hell Wise ways ye cannot sell Praying fools light their ways Night decends shrouds the day Unveil […]

All There Is Fear – Venom

Arise young souls alight Reclaim your satanic rights In time retrospect clear The past all there is fear Atomic atmospheres […]

Control Freak – Venom

Controller stands his ground Un-moving, fixed staring You must comply with his demands He tells you this Don’t think to […]

Woman – Venom

Brew an orgy strong Priestess of the highest order Light the fires of song Chime the bell Raising hell Nothing […]

Tribes – Venom

blood is fresh but you are dead Cross into the freaks domain See your fear feel your pain The prophesy […]

Disbeliever – Venom

Naked cross – flesh deserving Gain from loss – undettering Feamle lust – crowd applauding In we trust – love […]

In Nomine Satanas – Venom

We’ll acheive our goal With the blessings of Hades We’ll outlive our role Through the power of Hellfire We will […]

Genocide – Venom

Standing in the wings The reaper waits to play his part Fear drains the blood From every pure human heart […]