Victim Of My Force – Desaster

The moon is round, my slaughter is on
Like a shadow in demonic light
I’m haunting and prowling and stalking the night

First Chorus:
Victim / Of my Force / I’ll show no remorse /Victim of my force

Second Chorus:
Bleed and suffer
Your screams come too late
To face now my torment shall be your fate
Must fulfil the dreams of the masters I serve
Your bidding and praying will never be heard

The urge so strong, no right or wrong
Only my blade to seal your fate
Seeking out victims to die by my hand
I’m hunting and slashing and killing again

Repeat First and Second Chorus!

You feel my force in agony
Chained in horror you shall scream
My frenzied laughter, your helpless cries
I’m lord of sin, no one can defy
Crawl on your knees, all hope is gone
Soon you will be offered to the pentagram
I’m king of terror, an insane beast
You bloody victim for my feast

There’s no escape, there’s no return
Out of the crypt’s in which you will brun
This horror is real and fantasy too
I’m a priest of hell, make a slave on you

Repeat First and Second Chorus!

Lyric Victim Of My Force – Desaster