Victims Of Madness – Angel Dust

To seize power for himself
He knows how to seize the might
Enough power to start the fight

It’s exactly the right time
To realize his plans
Plans for another world war
Now he sees his chance

Madness – he is totally insane
Madness – the only word to describe this man
Madness – only few know what he’s gonna do
Madness – but its too late
No one can stop him on his way to the top
Not many foresee the disaster
But their hands – are bound
And their mouths – have been shut
By the legions of all around

We’re all going to be

Victims of Madness
Victims of Madness again

Madness – again there’ll be total war
Madness – death in the atomic roar
Millions – destroyed in a senseless war
Millions – crippled by a degrading life
He comes out upon us from the void
To seize the power to himself
He knows the way to occupy the might
Enough power to start a global fight

He’s promising heaven but he’s planning hell
His promising visions, put them all under spell

Lyric Victims Of Madness – Angel Dust