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Outtathaway! – Vines

What I own Don’t let The feelings that I choose ‘Cause everybody else do Gotta get outtathaway! No time for me to stay Everyone in the world dont affect you We think You’re a lot different Your number ain’t your thing Your life is on the wrong end Gotta get outtathaway! No time for me […]

Aint No Room – Vines

The lights go down but it looks so pretty So take me away from the corner Let me hide away in the fauna With something at my side Forget it now forget it then We’ll hang around without a care There ain’t no room for me in the city The lights go down but it […]

Country Yard – Vines

then speakin every other way gluin my eyes together girl might be the right escape there’s nothin in the secret garden just images of blue and white losin my mind forever girl maybe the only sign down in a country yard I was taken by the shadows although we couldn’t see that far I was […]

Ride – Vines

Aren’t you glad the universe pretends If I don’t get this message home Once again I’m gonna head along Ride with me Ride with me Ride with me home Ride with me Ride with me Ride with me unless you Thought a lot ignored the right to be Lie me down because we like to […]

Fuck The World – Vines

Because I know just where I’m seeing Was given eyes I know I can hear Cause underneath there’s gold I need to get around to find it And when I want to go I can dream I’ve been trying All my time I’m just seeing it rise Cause it could be the land that’s over […]

Futuretarded – Vines

We might as well all be retarded Cut from an image turned to stone Makin’ me feel it to the bone Deep in the jungle or Sahara Real people carry on regardless Left unaffected left alone The sun, the earth, the moon their home In the beginning Or the old days Surreal lives and mine […]

Treddin’ on Thin Ice – Vines

(its roll-deep-crew) yo i can feel em gettin closer to me i heard they’r searching for me high n low they wanna kno me, now ok i can feel me getting closer to them, i’ve got that strap on the back of my mind n im prepared to take them down(down) ye i can see […]

Rainfall – Vines

Ought to know me but why even know yourself I’m beginning to need all that I can’t have I’m succeeding to speak like I’m fucking mad Looking at the autumn shade You are white and I am grey Looking at the autumn shade, oh yeah Look through me because I am transparent Ought to know […]

1969 – Vines

I just wanna have no place to go Livin thru the sound of the dead I’m gonna get stoned look round at my soul I’m hearin voices in the trees And seein footsteps in the rain I just wanna die before I loose my dol I have been cryin in my sleep Cause I dont […]