Violence And Bloodshed – Manowar

Civilization crumbling fast
End the world with a blast
People afraid walking the street
Scums have their day
’til they run into me

Are you ready?

Living in fear ain’t living to me
I’m armed with a gun defending the free
The blew it in ‘nam
Shot up my friends
I’m back in the street the fights never ends
I was born with a gun in my hand
I’ll die for my country but I’ll die like a man

Violence and bloodshed (3)

Now that we’re back to the animal law
The payback’s a bitch I’m paying all
All my life I’ve been waitimg to see
Who’s gonna win, crumbs or me

Are you ready?

My brother still in da-nang
Putting an ad in the back of kerrang
I’m looking for people who just wanna kill
We’ll go back to ‘nam’:’cause no one else will
Land of the free home of the brave

Lyric Violence And Bloodshed – Manowar