Category: VIOLENCE

World In A World – Violence

I, Being The Judge Of This Legal Court Motion For The Accused To Arise. Stand Up Boy, Here’s The End Of Your Life. Now All Be In Awe Of My Upper Hand And You Watch As I Detain. I Swallow Time, Twenty Years Of Your Life, I Have Obtained. Sorry In A Cell, With The […]

Mentally Afflicted – Violence

Enter I, Disturbing Peace Of Mind Pressure Reflects Me. Manipulate, And Break The Feeling Of Faith. Weak Fools Obsess Me. Glare Inside, Shines My Mind It’s Quite Distorted, It’s So Cruel. Afflicted Traits, Extending Outward My Hate Sharp Words Detest You. I Am The Thorn In The Side. Pressure That’s Never Denied. Call Me – […]

Officer Nice – Violence

I’m The Law, I Wield The Stick So Back Your Ass Up In Fear This Is My Place, My Burning Face In Full Gear. We Move In Groups, Head Stomping Boots And Canisters For Tears. Move In At Once, Through Hate We Make Ourselves Clear. I Am The Cop That Rips You Off I Steal […]