Degradation – Violent Femmes

The Violent Femmes. Come witness the beauty of their degradation. Mothers bring you sons. Mothers bring your daughters to this […]

Confessions – Violent Femmes

what are they worrin about today seems like there’s a good reason to worry worry worry I’d sit around listening […]

Ugly – Violent Femmes

it was hard to believe it was hard to trace I saw you today seems like I see you everyday […]

Faith – Violent Femmes

In the Lord Got my faith baby In the Lord Lord Lord And I know He’ll make everything alright No […]

Agamemnon – Violent Femmes

I have an idea Women always have ideas Hello… Here is Agamemnon Here is Agamemnon Who? Wrong connection This is… […]

Promise – Violent Femmes

but my logic tells me that it aint never gonna happen and then my defense’d say I did’t want it […]

I’m Nothing – Violent Femmes

I-M-N-O-T-H-I-N I’m nothing’ I’m nothin’ Are you a republican or a democrat A liberal fascist full of crap I’m nothin’ […]