Degradation – Violent Femmes

The Violent Femmes. Come witness the beauty of their degradation. Mothers bring you sons. Mothers bring your daughters to this most educational exhibit. The alternative has constitute has spared no expense to bring these amazing freak babies to the Oriental Theatre. Friday, March 29th. Eight o’clock. Tickets: $8.50 in advance, $10 the night of the […]

Hallowed Ground – Violent Femmes

for the multitude of thine inequity, and the great hatred.”; (Hosea 9:7) Everyone’s trying to decide, where to go when there’s no place to hide. I follow the bombs as they’re coming down. This must have been hallowed ground. No matter what they decide to have done. Burn up the clouds, block out the sun. […]

Gone Daddy Gone – Violent Femmes

high school smiles oh yes beautiful girl lovely dress where she is now I can only guess cause it’s gone daddy gone your love is gone gone daddy gone the love is gone away when I see you eyes will turn blue when I see you thousand eyes turnin blue tell by the way you […]

Never Tell – Violent Femmes

Some people stand like trees, without a word and what that means is that some people don’t talk. Oh please pardon me mister. Ya know I just didn’t hear you the first time that you said that, but now that you repeat for me, I’ll be sure to do what I can. Ya know I’m […]

Fool In The Full Moon – Violent Femmes

don’t turn around too soon I’ve been following you all afternoon following you a fool in the full moon something’s got a hold on me when I get a hold of you following women after dark nobody knows what’s in my heart let your loving be I’m a lechery I do not spread leprosy I […]

Confessions – Violent Femmes

what are they worrin about today seems like there’s a good reason to worry worry worry I’d sit around listening to you story if I wasn’t in such a hurry hurry hurry and I’m so lonely I just don’t think I can take it anymore and I’m so lonely I just don’t know what to […]

It’s Gonna Rain – Violent Femmes

Now who, who, who do you think I am? Well, I built this ark with Japheth, Shem, and Ham. Now what, what, what do you think it’s gonna do when I live by faith and now my work is through? It’s gonna rain (It’s gonna rain) I said it’s gonna rain (It’s gonna rain) Yes, […]

Ugly – Violent Femmes

it was hard to believe it was hard to trace I saw you today seems like I see you everyday but there’s something I figured out ’bout you ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh yeah so ugly I’m tellin’ you strait so ugly don’t make a mistake cause your ugly you could bet it on the […]

Sweet World Of Angels – Violent Femmes

stroll down a street or two. Stop by some places that I know and see whats become of me. Stay close and comfort. The winds that tear em up. Now, they’re breezing out to pasture and I’m breezing in and out. Flow, let it flow. It’s just so mellow under my pillow. It’s just so […]

American Music – Violent Femmes

I like american music don’t you like american music baby I want you to hold me I want your arms around me I want you to hold me baby did you do too many drugs I did too many drugs did you do too many drugs too baby you were born too late I was […]

Jesus Walking On The Water – Violent Femmes

and oh my, oh my, oh my, tell me is it true. Did he, did he, did he die upon that cross? and did he, did he, did he come back across? Chorus: Jesus walking on the water. Sweet Jesus walking in the sky. Sinking sand, took my hand, raised me up, and brought me […]

4 Seasons – Violent Femmes

When spring was such a bummer How will I weather my winter When my fall was such a ballbuster It’s spring and there’ll be no spring fling When my winter was what a winner And I am taking a fall ‘Cause if I ain’t got you I got nothing at all How will I stand […]

Didgeriblues – Violent Femmes

He knew a girl who he decided to woo to under her balcony with a didgeridoo and did she know you would do the digeridoo too, if you knew she’d do, do the didgeridoo. Then a baby came one day and daddy would stay by the cradle to lay. Cooche, cooche, coo. Cooche, cooche, coo. […]

Faith – Violent Femmes

In the Lord Got my faith baby In the Lord Lord Lord And I know He’ll make everything alright No matter where a child roam That child’s gonna have a home If he’s got his faith alright I don’t believe in no car I don’t believe in General Motors I don’t believe in the President […]

Breakin’ Up – Violent Femmes

There’s a crack in my smile Dark voices are talking to me Dark voices tell me the way It’s supposed to be They said “;Breakin’ up”; They said “;It’s hard to do”; But what they say About breakin’ up Y’know it’s just not true Breakin’ up, it’s easy to do Breakin’ up, it’s easy to […]

Breakin’ Up – Violent Femmes

There’s a crack in my smile Dark voices are talking to me Dark voices tell me the way It’s supposed to be They said “;Breakin’ up”; They said “;It’s hard to do”; But what they say About breakin’ up Y’know it’s just not true Breakin’ up, it’s easy to do Breakin’ up, it’s easy to […]

Living A Lie – Violent Femmes

There’s a fire in the basement, a fire on the roof. I’m just sitting in my chair wearing a smile. I’m going to vanish in the air after awhile. Did did you get the news that I’m lost at sea Hey, hey somebody’s confused though it couldn’t be me. I wasn’t near that place. I […]

Agamemnon – Violent Femmes

I have an idea Women always have ideas Hello… Here is Agamemnon Here is Agamemnon Who? Wrong connection This is… I am a moralist An anti-militarist I am against duels I cannot stand seeing A fly in rage I cannot look at A uniform or blood That woman has seduced me And now I am […]

Promise – Violent Femmes

but my logic tells me that it aint never gonna happen and then my defense’d say I did’t want it anyway but you know sometimes I’m a lier could you ever want me to love you could you ever want me to care disregard my nervousness please ignore my vacant stares cause just what I’ve […]

Please Do Not Go – Violent Femmes

of course to me u’know she mean all the world but then she like another guy I fall down dead she never see the tears I cry please please please do not go how long can the days go on when my love is so strong and I know I cannot tell a lie I […]

Mother Of A Girl – Violent Femmes

a girl I hated more than any other girl in the world the way I let her treat me was totally a disgrace I wanted to permanently wipe that smile off her face no I’m not joking yes I was choking You look like you could be the mother of a girl a girl I […]

More Money Tonight – Violent Femmes

I always thought that that was good I always thought that I was different I always felt that that was good sometimes in school people pick on me in the gym locker room or in the hallway cruel things people do and say wait a minute wait a minute I’ll make more money tonight than […]

Prove My Love – Violent Femmes

I was reminded of just how bad it had gotten and just how sick I had become but it could change with this relationship de-de range we’ve all been thru some shit and if were a thing I think this things begun tell me now what do I have to do to prove my love […]

Love And Me Make Three – Violent Femmes

When Judas needed a band Sitting in the backseat With another woman in your hand Don’t look this way With your changing point of view Just sit on a fence And pretend to be you Christ is crying Outside your church door Don’t let him in He’ll get mud on your floor Just put on […]

Don’t Start Me On The Liquor – Violent Femmes

I’ll drink it all down straight I’ll make a toast to love But I drink the most When I got somebody to hate I’m an old man I got an old man’s pain Will the morning Will the morning ever come again Well, I’m likin’ lickin’ a lotta liquor I’m drivin’ down the drink I’ll […]

Lack Of Knowledge – Violent Femmes

I’m doing something I’m not supposed to I don’t know about that I don’t know about that I don’t know nothing bout nothing like that destroyed my people are destroyed my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge I wonder if I’m happy wonder if I’m mad I wonder why the whole wide world is […]

I’m Nothing – Violent Femmes

I-M-N-O-T-H-I-N I’m nothing’ I’m nothin’ Are you a republican or a democrat A liberal fascist full of crap I’m nothin’ I’m nothin’ Somebody somewhere might be something But everybody everywhere Knows that I’m nothin Politics and dirty tricks I got no time for stones and sticks Politics and dirty tricks I got no time I’m […]

Kiss Off – Violent Femmes

someone who’d care to love could it be you could it be you situation gets rough then I start to panic it’s not enough it’s just a habit hey kid your sick well darling this is it you can all just kiss off into the air behind my back I can see them stare they’ll […]

Jesus Of Rio – Violent Femmes

Rio de Janeiro, Rio Where they held a summit to save the world And to mark the time when development As traditionally understood-had failed And the affluent North raping the South Investment from the North means Economic bondage for the South Under the burden of debt payments I was with a whore in Copenhagan Drinking […]

Mirror Mirror (I See A Damsel) – Violent Femmes

In danger and distress I see that she is pretty I see a young girl Dressed in a dirty dress I see that she is pretty Mirror mirror on the wall Who’s the fairest one of all I see a fat girl With her hair a mess I see that she is pretty I see […]

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