Too Hot To Handle – Virgin Steele

C’mon get naked I love ya, babe Open up your eyes And let your love out Open up your heart I’m comin’ round now Oooh, give it all you got Love you ’til the mornin’ child I won’t ever leave ya Shake it on top Wild on the killing floor I know how to please […]

Self Crucifixion – Virgin Steele

I’m not sleepin’ the walls are down and your hands are icy cold under water thru che sound of fear comes a drowned and cold reply and the mist still hangs around the gallows like the anger after the violent rain Chorus: Die if you will die if you want to there’s no mistake the […]

I Wake Up Screaming – Virgin Steele

Like a portrait born of hate like a lock without a key I am trapped here in this prison deliver me from me like a world within my head like a thorn in my side I am choking on your virtue what a way to die And the wind keeps on moaning shattered lightning from […]

Sword Of The Gods – Virgin Steele

look for me there, hunting the Skies I am soundless I fly to the Rainbow, I Conquer the Sky The Hammer of Death, THE SWORD OF THE GODS Grant every Wish of Blood that calls to Blood I rise on the Air, I rise on the Sea Smashing the chains of denial for me THE […]

Thy Kingdom Come – Virgin Steele

Never say? never’ Keep both your eyes on the flame The power that lies within you Comes forth once again Onward through darkness Envisions the diamonds beyond Through burning, deceit and cooruption The dream still lives on And you’re standing there Raise your hands Split the air – tonight! Action call to arms I’m fighting […]

Thy Kingdom Come – Virgin Steele

Never say? never’ Keep both your eyes on the flame The power that lies within you Comes forth once again Onward through darkness Envisions the diamonds beyond Through burning, deceit and cooruption The dream still lives on And you’re standing there Raise your hands Split the air – tonight! Action call to arms I’m fighting […]

Defiance – Virgin Steele

born Barbarian Lord I break your Power, stay your Hand The Spear-point of Might Never show Mercy, never give, to false Paradise Alternate Power, see you Burn Take your Path through the fading Light DEFIANCE, DEFIANCE, a God or a Man I Challenge your Power, your Order, your Stand I Fight for my People, my […]

Forever Will I Roam – Virgin Steele

Colder now, cold as the grave this town darkness falls the death of another soul empty lives the sins of the desperate shattered dreams a moments betrayal, forever will I roam forever will I roam Chorus: Forever will I roam a touch for a moment a scar for life Silent drifter on a highway side […]

Where Are You Running To – Virgin Steele

Hold me, take me in your arms one last time I can’t bear the thought of your leaving This night oh so black The starts don’t shine And you’re never, never coming back… Chorus: Where are you running to now Where are you running to now Oh babe Where are you running to now Where […]

Last Supper – Virgin Steele

Father forgive thcm for they know not what they are doing Break this bread and drink the wine just remember with whom you dine do this in memory of me, when I’m not among you all Peter you will deny me, Judas you will betray last supper, it’s your last supper Open wide the Gates […]

Trail Of Tears – Virgin Steele

Ask and you won’t be forgiven This is a blessing in disguise All of your choices are spoken You’ve killed the child in my eyes I’m gonna see you burn When in some dark distant future you’ll meet my presence in a song You’ll punch the walls in frustration Can you hear my voice and […]

Coils Of The Serpent – Virgin Steele

The Serpent to Himself: “Anger, fury and hatred boil within me. Woe to see them enjoy this Paradise, while I’m resigned to hell!! My cunning will prevail and doubt shall be their undoing!” The Serpent to Eve: “What reason, what fear provokes this ban? Knowledge forbidden? Why envy you this? Is it a sin to […]

Angel Of Light – Virgin Steele

Hurling down with thunder from on high An ancient evil steals across the sky Flaming power, death is in his wake The lord of hell returns to rend and rape Watch the lights as they devour you A blazing presence rips you through and through Blinded by such beauty, caught to unaware You’re stripped and […]

Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii) – Virgin Steele

Far from paradise Where the winds of war Are blowing freely In my tired eyes Run the bloody hosts Of Ares’ slaughter Face to face – with fear and death and hate Time to say goodbye – draw your last breath For I conquer When I die In your arms One child born To carry […]

Transfiguration – Virgin Steele

Red blood slowly dripped down, stopped, sighed, fell to the fround Mixed with earth and became mud black blood Rain from Heaven fills the seas of Hell Cold rain runs from the sky Blood is the secret, the bond between lives Cold reign drowning the world, till the word was made flesh Lips red, to […]

Don’t Close Your Eyes – Virgin Steele

Don’t go, don’t leave me here alone With nothing but a memory to call my own We shared each day, and the days to years But now the love we share is blinded by tears Look in my eyes and speak to me Can you really forget me? Ooh in the light you’ll be alright […]

Weeping Of The Spirits – Virgin Steele

In the Valley of Dying Stars as the Gods dream their angry dreams Restless Spirits, thoughts arise from the porcelain shuttered rooms they shift and glide The Dawn becomes lighter for the Weeping of the Spirits Crystallize Welcome my friend I know your face well I know the mark that you wear Your Father’s eyes […]

Emalaith – Virgin Steele

these are the mountains of my birth Dark with the blood of desecration, oh where is she who is my pride EMELAITH I hear the Weeping of the Spirits, dark wings of hated fill the world I know she’s waiting out there somewhere, beyond the shadows of my eyes EMALAITH Is there a Life Among […]

Unholy Water – Virgin Steele

Whose face can please me now? Boundless Queen of Babylon, she rides above the sky, I’m a Devil, I’m an Angel The lights are getting brighter now, Bold enough to stay your prayers UNHOLY WATER you tell me the truth, you tell me the lies UNHOLY WATER you resurrect you crucify, take me down now […]

Lion In Winter – Virgin Steele

Roaring against the dying light The lion stands alone Caught in the spell of winter dreams He’ll not give up his throne Chain the earth and chain the sun Break the hourglass Make the stars fall into line Suspend the end of time No, not tonight I’ll not give in without a fight And I’ll […]

Blood Of The Saints – Virgin Steele

London is mine, New York and Paris shall fall One Ring to Rule in Darkness to bind them all Come to me now a moth to the Flame Burning your eyes as you stare With the Blood of the Salnts Stand on the shore watching the ships as they burn None will be found the […]

Obsession (It Burns For You) – Virgin Steele

Ooh we’ve lost our way… And now the world slips away… And shadows fall all around… Ooh do you see the sun it burns for me Ooh do you know I’ll never let you go Ooh feel the night, it burns, it yearns, it writhes Ooh hear the screams as secrets come alive Ooh you […]

I’m On Fire – Virgin Steele

I’m hot and I’m ready Like a star in the night Cold as ice Quicker than sight Yeah I’m wild and I’m mean Like a lion deep in heat You’ll feel my love A pounding beat-Yeah! But what you don’t see You’ll never own me I hear the call of the wild… Chorus: I’m on […]

A Symphony Of Steele – Virgin Steele

Iron pounding dongs of Glory, Soaring on command Screaming I rejoin the fray Take me where the thunder walks, A SYMPHONY OF STEELE Take my where the falcon flies, A SYMPHONY OF STEELE Sound the trumpet, crack the mountain, let the arrow fly Through the land of Lamentation, let the tidings fly Mercury, the God […]

Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun) – Virgin Steele

The day is over, the setting of the sun My wounds are many, evening has begun A mist is falling before my eyes My soul is free now to shadow forth and rise To tread the paths that none has seen The Mystic Rose, the Empyrean Gone forever my days of valor I will meet […]

Strawgirl – Virgin Steele

What’s that mark upon your shoulder, what’s that scar on your arm? Did you come to see Jesus, do you walk with God? Do you rest suspended, or tread the Underworld? I will speak, for you can’t, I will tell your story well I’ll reveal your yesterdays STRAWGIRL lost in the Savage Garden, Waiting somewhere […]

Rock Me – Virgin Steele

Chorus: I know you wanna rock me I know you wanna scream You’re standing there You’re an angel of desire With your blonde hair And your pouting hungry eyes Hey, you’re not shy You’re ready for some action Sweet little nymph There’s fire in your eyes Chorus Tonight I’m yours Come take me if you […]

Let It Roar – Virgin Steele

Maching to distant shores Killing for freedom’s gain My sword, hands held high Together we stem the tide And Chorus: Let it roar – let the lion in you raise its head and roar Let it roar – let the lion in you come right out and roar Burning the street’s on fire Pounding, the […]

Guardians Of The Flame – Virgin Steele

And the sun departs for night There’s a thousand eyes upon you But no one sees your plight Oh no mercy hath the darkness No love or heavens rain You can feel the sound of anguish Hear the cries of screaming pain We are the guardians of the flame Masters of the ancient rites Our […]

Serpent’s Kiss – Virgin Steele

The Serpent to Adam and Eve: “If Heaven is higher and death is a dream Cast away virtue it’s not what it seems In whiteness descending the souls steals a star Creates a new Heaven in sin where you are” The Serpent to Cain: “Sons of Cain, agonize, bring forth then die Your children will […]

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