Performer VITAMIN C

Real Life – Vitamin C

Right definite, sincere Broke vitality, truth humanity That’s not what’s happening here oooh, oooh, this is real life oooh, oooh, […]

Turn Me On – Vitamin C

Are you gonna turn me on? Or are you gonna turn on me? It’s just a sense, really nothing clear […]

Special – Vitamin C

To get you where I stand Feel like I been climbing all my life Everybody told me I’d never ever […]

Money – Vitamin C

Money makes the world go round The world go round, the world go round Money makes the world go round […]

The Itch – Vitamin C

Don’t wanna hurt you (hurt you baby) You think you love me, but you don’t really know me Don’t wanna […]

I Got You – Vitamin C

I won’t forget, and that’s a whole lot I don’t go out, now that you’re in Sometimes we shout, that’s […]