Performer VOIVOD

Chaosmongers – Voivod

Against authority Setting bombs anywhere Terrorists everywhere Phantoms execute What must be their rules Like a spy disappears When the […]

The Outcast – Voivod

not a second too late into the night siren, spot light wailing wolves at the gate into the night mad […]

Cosmic Drama – Voivod

The planet rolls like a ball Darkness will follow And soon the whole thing will fall Coz now I’m able […]

Bio-Tv – Voivod

Standard basic design harmful beyond belief X-Ray, your mind Watching the new TV Wired into your brain It all becomes […]

The Lost Machine – Voivod

Big engine, cruising space Ozone years, controlled daze… keeps the engine running Silver beams, analyze Robot teams, supervise That was […]

Moonbeam Rider – Voivod

Ride on Ride the sunrise To higher ground Ride Ride on Ride the hog high You’re glory bound Ride Ride […]

Meteor – Voivod

This rotting world This dump we call the earth What do I care, have no regret The future sky A […]

Tornado – Voivod

War of winds strikes again You live in a nice neighborhood As nice as it will be after They drop […]

Insect – Voivod

Restore, worship the god of control Victims, helpless New Slave, brain dead Betray thy god Facing endless damnation Prepare, we’ll […]

Fix My Heart – Voivod

I’m feeling like a ghost I’m falling all apart Could you please fix my heart? Why don’t we leave this […]

Missing Sequences – Voivod

Winding walk Breezing by Ravaged rock Swarming locust-land Spiders spinning sand Grubbing enterprise No time to reply Down, down Far […]

The Unknown Knows – Voivod

Will it always rain? Try to analyze This led venture Songless sky, digital bug-eye Octogonal seams so much clearer Indiscrete, […]

Nuage Fractal – Voivod

clouds overcast the land infinite division chaotic creation patterns of flat spiral spinning a triangle wind on the schizosphere nuage […]

The Prow – Voivod

protecting all my crew I carved you, from a tree my vision is you Lorelei, I have thee in front […]

Brain Scan – Voivod

Waiting to catch the strange Airy notions of that place Now they evolutions Means their brain mutations The wider is […]

Cosmic Conspiracy – Voivod

Withdrawn from all that I know Disturbed by darkened thoughts Of haunting agony, restrain the memorie Fearing for my life […]

Nanoman – Voivod

Technofix of silicone Noise that wanders like a liquid Cyber shaman anarchy Useless memory transistor Pressure in my surgery Nanoman […]

Astronomy Domine – Voivod

Lime and limpid green The second scene The fights between The blue you once knew Floating down The sound resounds […]

Best Regards – Voivod

your well-known address again, with no answer to my last request disregard ink spots my presentation consider my clear thoughts […]

Panorama – Voivod

deep in blue neon a dead end for today under skyways worn concrete from far below rising up above surrounded […]

Le Pont Noir – Voivod

Venus shines so ever bright Deep in the woods under the stars How did I come to get this far? […]

Wrong-Way Street – Voivod

Am I living here anymore? My souvenirs thrown on the floor It’s never been this bad before I went outside […]

Experiment – Voivod

Nothing but a flat lie All I need is a new world Create my universe The four basic forces Are […]

Overreaction – Voivod

Can you see the phosphorescence of the factory Moving away, out of this territory The systems became overload The warning […]

Time Warp – Voivod

What if I should fall between the cracks? Will I go back and forth down on-line? Wherever! It’s a question […]

Golem – Voivod

I know, I know, the three laws of my type I was not made to smile I was not built […]

Ravenous Medicine – Voivod

Two lane highway and they run on the wrong track You still don’t know that you’re never going back You’re […]

Twin Dummy – Voivod

I have dreams frightening screams I have dreams dummy says it’s too late big mistake it’s too late the circus […]

X-Ray Mirror – Voivod

Touching the bottom A slim reflexion Punctured my vision I didn’t notice Beside the last door Standing on nothing There […]

X-Ray Mirror – Voivod

Touching the bottom A slim reflexion Punctured my vision I didn’t notice Beside the last door Standing on nothing There […]

None Of The Above – Voivod

following the story on my monitor no more saving glory only flat colors black and white distortion back and forth […]