Performer VOMITORY

Beneath The Soil – Vomitory

Beyond redemption lost in lunacy A world in chaos, pain control your thoughts Self control dwells in a distant reality […]

Chapter Of Pain – Vomitory

Ancient past in reverse, the future dies through renewal Evil grows back again, unaffected by time Far from the light, […]

Exhaling Life – Vomitory

Global fear, infected minds will obey They follow every command, contradictory must die In carnage, they baptise enemy souls A […]

The Holocaust – Vomitory

Silence, only silence is real Ashes leaves a trace of something that once were The end of a new beginning […]

Forever In Gloom – Vomitory

Chaos, bitter loss, escape from certain death. Removed enemies, wounded, killed. Nocturnal echoing from weapon symphonies. Agonizing screams, stench of […]