Category: VOMITORY

Exhaling Life – Vomitory

Global fear, infected minds will obey They follow every command, contradictory must die In carnage, they baptise enemy souls A war’s been declared, fleshless victims left behind Pain, created from persecution As a consequence of violence against their own Persuasion, threats beyond human understanding Ignorance, a decision for others to make Inheritance, from father to […]

The Corpsegrinder Experience – Vomitory

Walking through blood and guts, scattered bodies Butchered human remains, a sweet smell of bowels and blood A morbid legion, with a hunger for flesh I see them coming in a trail of death The undead invades, bringer of death They show no mercy when they hunt for flesh Carnal, carnage, increasing, bloodthirst Relentless, gluttony, […]

Under Clouds Of Blood – Vomitory

From time bygone, until the end of now Without conscious, a journey through blood No compassion, death a consistent reality March through blood, no end in sight No mercy left, a nightmare for the affected ones Mind unconscious, like predators hunger for blood Soldiers, march towards battle They invade, when napalm falls like burning rain […]

The Holocaust – Vomitory

Silence, only silence is real Ashes leaves a trace of something that once were The end of a new beginning The last and final chapter of humans’ history erased No sounds no movements There’s no evidence of existence From threat of extermination To a total wipe out, mankind has forever died The holocaust Scentless trails […]

Forever In Gloom – Vomitory

Chaos, bitter loss, escape from certain death. Removed enemies, wounded, killed. Nocturnal echoing from weapon symphonies. Agonizing screams, stench of death. The gambling with lives continues. Glory, dishonor, orders`s been given. Warmasters reign their soldiers through death. Future prospect not accounted. Nuclear war eats the earth alive. Humanity doomed forever in gloom. Bloody…combats…war. Massive…death…nuclear war. […]