Maryland – Vonda Shepard

I’ve been thinking I’ve been thinking too much I just want to live now for a little while And cast […]

River – Vonda Shepard

It’s coming on Christmas They’re cutting down trees They’re putting up reindeer And singing songs of joy and peace Oh […]

Tell Him – Vonda Shepard

I know somethin’ about love You’ve gotta want it bad If that guy’s got into your blood Go out and […]

Sail On By – Vonda Shepard

I’ve got a mind that you’ll never see I’ve got amazing remedies I’ve got a heart that only wants to […]

Naivete’ – Vonda Shepard

Bad television, living in denial, I know ‘Cause I don’t wanna know Wanna run, wanna fly Let my illusions take […]

By 7:30 – Vonda Shepard

I have been lost in this verbal rain I went to bed feeling no pain I was drowning baby, you’re […]

Cartwheels – Vonda Shepard

Oh mama we’d sail away Doing cartwheels on the front lawn everyday And you’d sing “;Here Comes The Sun”; Then […]

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