Death Of A Kung Fu Fughter – Voodoocult

he’s the strongest man in Italy and Sicily Wining all the sicily man-fights Tattoo-ed anywhere and all over his eyes engraved deep down in his face he looks like a bird of prey Living with his mother, an eagle and a tiger, a rat and an alligator, sitting for days and his life to study […]

Violenca – Voodoocult

a girl named Violenca stopped me on my way she just entered my car her skirt was touching no legs her voice was so deep – she was a men. She told her high heels and his soul for another ten liri to me. We broke into old apartment-blocks heading to suck me off we […]

The Stranger – Voodoocult

Happiness was in me still, the universe’s benign indifference opened my heart forever, it was better disappear than to burn All I want is that life remembers me. Good life was mine no longer Light and heat made me dizzy the dark got me in the end Fool tricks asking for trouble in my mind […]