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Widowmaker – W. A. S. P

And waved the hand of doom I’ve seen the tears that fall like rain from the waste and all the ruin A shadow’s cast that falls from me on you A time to claim All that’s mine My wrath is blind The balance is where you hang I’m the WidowMaker I’m the Lord of the […]

Jack Action – W. A. S. P

I’ve looked here there everywhere He killed my babe, today, with a gun I’ll get him now, he can’t run Well I’m looking for, looking for Looking for Jack Action To get my satisfaction Looking for Jack Action I’m looking, looking… Now I can’t believe she’s gone away He better run, ya know I don’t […]

The Flame – W. A. S. P

I’m a going to take it up! I wanna be somebody I lead my life in the fast lane The only way to make it It might keep me going all night long Cause that’s the way I like it And with what you’ve got In the heat of the night I know we’ve got […]

I Am One – W. A. S. P

The old boy is hating me I’ve become the one, they warned me about – oh he’s gonna die before me Oh I am one Love I am one I got something to prove And nothing to lose Oh I am one 18 bloody roses, each a year that bled my soul 18 and numb, […]

Arena Of Pleasure – W. A. S. P

All I know is, I’m just going I ran away from home last night, gone forever I was running for my life And I’ve heard the words of what I should be Live, Work, Die, I am the orphan of the night Take me down, I’m coming home, the road to ruins Inside the pleasure […]

School Daze – W. A. S. P

to the republic for which it stands. One nation under gob, indivisible… with liberty and justice for all!” My eyes are burning Bells are ringing in my ears Alarm clock’s wailing Class bells screaming I can’t hear! A text book mad house Twelve years I’m here in a rage A juvenile jail And I’m here […]

Sex Drive – W. A. S. P

You’re thinking bout it all the time You’re lying in bed and it runs through your head Cause you can’t get it off your mind You been thinking pink and you’re losing sleep That rush is almost all you can stand You feel it getting hard and your crotch starts to throb It’s body language […]

U – W. A. S. P

W X Y Z 0 U Listen to me now No words, I can say, can describe How I hate your fucking face And do you hear me now You stole my soul with your lies Your killing zone’s where I lie There you watched me die You fucken suck Can you see yourself I […]

Wild Child – W. A. S. P

A creature of love and I can’t be tamed I want you, cause I’m gonna take your love from him And I’ll touch your face and hot burning skin No, he’ll never ever touch you like I do So look in my eyes and burn alive the truth I’m a wild child, come and love […]

Still Not Black Enough – W. A. S. P

Paint a shadow on my heart In shades of ebony Paint the sun out of the sky That rains over me Black sun rain on me I need, one, blacksun Rain on me, rain on me Tie me to my blackness there Where I’m ever free Taken to the dark edges of My wicked memories […]

I Don’t Need No Doctor – W. A. S. P

I don’t need no doctor ‘Cause I know what’s ailing me I don’t need no doctor ‘Cause I know what’s ailing me (yes, I do) All I need is my baby You don’t know I’m in misery I don’t need no doctor I don’t need no doctor I don’t need no doctor My prescription tells […]

The Last Command – W. A. S. P

This is our time, we’ve made our mark And can’t you understand, we’ll fight till we fall? But what do you want to do? The time is right for you To stand on your feet and answer the call Stand up, for the first time, and shout it, woah-oh The last command is heard across […]

Take The Addiction – W. A. S. P

Killing the flesh on the bone You’re just one final scream away You love it to death ya know Tell me ya lie on your bed of nails Tell me you’re losing control Nightmares in ecstacy ya need A razorlike crown of thorns Hey, hey, yeah take the addiction Hey, hey, yeah just a little, […]

Cries In The Night – W. A. S. P

Cause I keep telling myself I’m only one of a kind My life is broke because my dreams were shattered For so very long nothing else mattered I’m hearing Cries in the Night I can’t wait another day No, no, no, tell me no lies I’m standing cold in the light I lose the dream […]

The Neutron Bomber – W. A. S. P

He came from the East They called him a beast This king of terror insane Neutron Ronnie, the people would whisper his name Dangerous and mad A torch in his hand Spread fire by the light of the moon Ooh, pyrotechnical wizard of doom Oh no here comes Ronnie Ah the boy with the flame […]

I Wanna Be Somebody – W. A. S. P

A face that no one knows And everyone you meet You’re going to show You’re nobody’s slave Nobody’s chains are holding you You hold your fist up high And pride too Oh, you’ve just go to be Up high where the Whole world is watching you and me Cause I… I’ve got the guts to […]