Performer W A-S-P

Maneater – W. A. S. P

Turn loose the lightning metal hawgs And set me free Turn loose my crying metal hearts’ 1200 C. C. Cold […]

Ball Crusher – W. A. S. P

Lesbo nymphomaniac, ooh, she’s got a girlfriend that’s seventeen Bye bye bye Ballcrusher Bye bye bye Bye bye bye Ballcrusher […]

Killahead – W. A. S. P

Screaming head give kill a machine Organism my hi-tech sex And hi-tech death Oh they’re both the best All I […]

Forever Free – W. A. S. P

I ride all alone and can’t see The road to nowhere anymore And shadows whispers are calling me To forbidden […]

Widowmaker – W. A. S. P

And waved the hand of doom I’ve seen the tears that fall like rain from the waste and all the […]

Jack Action – W. A. S. P

I’ve looked here there everywhere He killed my babe, today, with a gun I’ll get him now, he can’t run […]

I Am One – W. A. S. P

The old boy is hating me I’ve become the one, they warned me about – oh he’s gonna die before […]

School Daze – W. A. S. P

to the republic for which it stands. One nation under gob, indivisible… with liberty and justice for all!” My eyes […]

Sex Drive – W. A. S. P

You’re thinking bout it all the time You’re lying in bed and it runs through your head Cause you can’t […]

U – W. A. S. P

W X Y Z 0 U Listen to me now No words, I can say, can describe How I hate […]

Wild Child – W. A. S. P

A creature of love and I can’t be tamed I want you, cause I’m gonna take your love from him […]