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Lighthouse – Waifs

Standing on that cold headland Shine your light across the sea For a wayward sailor girl like me Lighthouse man Guide this sailor back to land Steer my ship on through the storm Back to water safe and calm Sometimes I need a lighthouse for my own It gets so dark I can’t see which […]

Three Down – Waifs

But I’ve still got four more to go There’s a full moon and it’s rising over Austin I can see a big old Texas flag flying in the wind I can’t sleep for all the bright lights of this cheap hotel This is some kind of hellhole I’m living in Three months on the road […]

Brain Damage – Waifs

You won’t come; you say you’re staying at home It’s no shame; night and day we see each other anyway We’ve got to move, we’ve got to get away It’s a long cold night but there’s a better day Wouldn’t you say, correct me if I’m wrong But we’ve got all the good reasons for […]

I Believe – Waifs

Ain’t it funny how some things change For it is today I feel uncertain about my whole world All once familiar is now strange I’ve become so dependant on those things that I once rejected I’m rejecting all I believed I’m so open minded that it leaves me undecided Now I’m forever caught between two […]

Jealousy – Waifs

When you come in from the cold I’ll still be warm for you And I won’t be bending backwards like you never done for me When you look at what’s left inside You’ve only got your jealousy It’s wearing me thin, all this trying to please I’m looking within and I can see for miles […]

Circles – Waifs

You’re somebody different You’re nobody different You’re just somebody Tell me what’s the reason behind All your frustrations It’s a bad situation Can you trust me Do you think that maybe you live your Life in circles Going round in circles Heading nowhere If you wanna sort it out you gotta Talk about it, live […]

Intimate – Waifs

Though there’s little love left in it something seems to make it hard I’d like to stand up I’d like to stand up on my own But I fear that you will forever be my crutch Did I save myself or was I saved Though I knew it was killing me – I did it […]

Billy Jones – Waifs

Just me and Billy Jones always hanging around He was a Mumma’s little boy, he was an only child His clothes were always neat and his hair carefully styled All the games we’d play I couldn’t understand why I’d have to play the groom and let Billy be the bride All those pretty dresses that […]

Gillian – Waifs

You’ve done a hundred things before half past nine By the time most folk are up and gone You’ll be starting on one hundred and one There’s not enough hours in a day To do all the things she’s just got to do When the daylight fades and the night invades She’s only just begun […]