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Up All Night – Waifs

Watched the sun sinking low Watched the moon rising slow Watched it move across the sky Till I saw the […]

Nothing New – Waifs

And I’ll look real pretty for I don’t know who I’ll find my own way around this great big city […]

Fisherman’s Daughter – Waifs

I’m just your regular West Australian fisherman’s daughter I’m a middle class folk singing guitar playin’ girl I ain’t seen […]

Take It In – Waifs

In her mind she’s still splashing round down on Cable Beach And her eyes, they are as rich and faraway […]

Lighthouse – Waifs

Standing on that cold headland Shine your light across the sea For a wayward sailor girl like me Lighthouse man […]

Three Down – Waifs

But I’ve still got four more to go There’s a full moon and it’s rising over Austin I can see […]

Brain Damage – Waifs

You won’t come; you say you’re staying at home It’s no shame; night and day we see each other anyway […]

I Believe – Waifs

Ain’t it funny how some things change For it is today I feel uncertain about my whole world All once […]

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