Performer WAKE THE

Souls Encounter – Wake

Sorcered potion Souls encounter Light embrace me Dark redeems me Laws deceat When has the darkness begun Why does my […]

Like A Fallen Angel – Wake

It never ends the squirrel-wheel of death is here Forcefeeded end when life begins It’s planted in our skin too […]

Whenever I Suffer – Wake

Exhaling all the living Pour it down the drain I’m a rambler where near-dead herds take their place Whenever they […]

Befouled Galaxy – Wake

Handle with care Leave me be – Just another dying day in this galaxy Realised that I’m just one of […]

Darkness Of Mine – Wake

Nobody near just you and me In my own nest – Frustrations nest So you came – You came into […]

Deep Silent Dead – Wake

Hard to see Body beaten – Life became your tomb You lost your grip – You’re walking with The herd […]

The Neverending – Wake

Scorns me from inside out And those thousand faces Memories that I hide Feel it carving the surface Drilling through […]

Murder One – Wake

What did you do yesterday? Another life slipped away Howcome murder one is all you think of Is that all […]

Failed Generation – Wake

As we’re waiting for the end that’s surely making its way Underneath the skin there are splinters of dead men […]