Walk Away From Love – Yaz

I’ve made my mind up not to stay
And it don’t matter what you do
‘Cos me, I’ve had enough of you.
And you can talk about the good times
I can just remember bad times.
There ain’t nothing left for saying
‘Cos there’s no way that I’ll be staying
You tell me to remember
When I told you that I’d never walk away

Hey baby, don’t walk away from love
Tell me baby, ain’t my love enough,
Listen to the things I say
And tell me why do you walk away from love?

Leave you standing on your own
It’s time I spent some time alone
Need a while to think this out
Not sure what it’s all about.
And it’s no use to sit there crying
‘Cos I can see you’re only lying.
Now I’ll put the past behind me
Run some place where you can’t find me.
You tell me to remeber
When I told you that I’d never walk away.

(Chorus repeat)

Bags are packed, I just can’t wait.
Gotta get out before it gets too late,
I don’t need you any more

Lyric Walk Away From Love – Yaz