Mourning Train – Wallflowers

’cause my heart is all used up and mama I wanna come home I wanna get back home So look out into the morning rain ’cause I’m on the mourning train I’m bringing down my suitcase now I’m shining up my good shoes brown ’cause no-one knows my name now, no-one knows my name So […]

Honeybee – Wallflowers

Turn and fall On broken hands and all Turn and crawl Seen that sun gone down And the waterfall She stood tall in the fallen rain Right off an orphan train She’ll run to me again I believed See how wrong, how wrong you can be I know who watches you Who watches me I […]

Days Of Wonder – Wallflowers

and falling cannonballs waiting for the break of dawn to start its morning crawl polluted rays of filtered light tropical and warm making shadows through the snow white resin covered skulls happy birthday to the war standing by the wall a rainbow made of stars under seven difference shades of grey spreading out across the […]

See You When I Get There – Wallflowers

At the moving clouds I’ve been hit so hard This time I just might stay down If you were me I would come back To get you If this is love Then I don’t remember You won’t find anyone To treat you better We’ve already been through Hell and high waters I ain’t sorry baby […]

I Wish I Felt Nothing – Wallflowers

It’s better ’cause nobody knows you When no one’s your friend It’s better ’cause nobody leaves you So you turned your back On a world that you could never have ‘Cause your heart’s been cracked And everyone else is goin’ mad But I hear voices And I see colors But I wish I felt nothing […]

Babybird – Wallflowers

With your dirty wings in tatters Come home where you belong Nobody knows you better Now bring back your velvet heart And we’ll make you brand new feathers Sleep through the morning light With your arms around your brother Babybird come back home Babybird you were never really on your own Now outside faces cry […]

After The Blackbird Sings – Wallflowers

Just to keep up with someone Who’s hangin’ onto nothin’ Only to lose what’s never mine And I’m finding it hard Just to keep up with something That’s hangin’ on to nothin’ To keep all these chains tied up and in line, in line Pretty Angel She bites the hands of the lion Ties it […]

Three Marlenas – Wallflowers

She gone and dyed her hair red She only went and did what she did ‘Cause he would drive her home then There’s lipstick on her new dress She hadn’t even paid yet But it doesn’t matter where the money went It wasn’t how she paid her rent One, two, three Marlenas There’s got to […]

Everybody Out Of The Water – Wallflowers

Get set, let’s go You got to move now before she explodes Look out the window and out below Back away from the glass There she blows The city’s been levelled The hills are in flame The streets cracked up And when we’re pushing up clay The temperatures dropped The sky is gray And it […]

Three Ways – Wallflowers

Fall out the bottom Or you crawl out the top There’s three ways Out of every, every box But if you can’t find your way out Then you just burn it To the ground Then you’ll disappear Like smoke Into the clouds There’s three ways off a merry-go-round You either jump Or you let it […]

One Headlight – Wallflowers

That’s when they say I lost my only friend Well they said she died easy of a broken heart disease As I listened through the cemetery trees I seen the sun comin’ up at the funeral at dawn The long broken arm of human law Now it always seemed such a waste She always had […]

For The Life Of Me – Wallflowers

To keep your happiness in style You pass in silence in the mornin’ You know you shouldn’t ever try to ignore me And you look to be pretty nervous Sweaty hands and blood shot eyes So hard to identify you Just a loser in a loser’s disguise She don’t back down And she won’t come […]

Shy Of The Moon – Wallflowers

Yellow hair in a yellow bow Little thumb sticking in the exit lane Two packs of smokes and a candy cane With women hips and baby lips A Hallelujah book in the back of a pillow-slip If she gets out of here too soon She’ll run fast by the shy of the moon If she’s […]

How Far You’ve Come – Wallflowers

If you could see how lucky you are Now don’t get carried away with your heart You’re better where you are You’re not the only one Who’s failed to hang on to a moving star Now don’t be sorry, what’s done now is done And this is who you are These days feel numbered and […]

Up From Under – Wallflowers

Looking back up at the hill Well I thank heavens I fell Must look more like myself Now everyone is so kind Everyone looks like a long lost friend of mine I’m on top of the world again When I’m looking up from under Babylon I had a home in the fields Earned my wage […]

Everything I Need – Wallflowers

For a warm embrace I’m not looking For a friendly face I’ve got Everything I need I’m not worried If you’re coming back I’m in a hurry Cause’ I just found out I’ve got Everything I need I’ve got Everything I need So even if you wanted to… You can’t save me You can’t fail […]

Laughing Out Loud – Wallflowers

You can’t leave me here alive Well I know it started as a fist fight But you’ve got me covered up in hives I don’t need an invitation The best Peach is at the top of that tree But when all this indecision reigns So aimlessness that helps me see straight You got me walkin’ […]

Be Your Own Girl – Wallflowers

Pushed to the edge with nothing heavy to hold Using your clothes as a blanket and a bed Holding your hands just to lay your head I know you don’t remember ever falling down Who picked you up, who gathered around But you don’t have to be his girl And you don’t have to be […]

Be Your Own Girl – Wallflowers

Pushed to the edge with nothing heavy to hold Using your clothes as a blanket and a bed Holding your hands just to lay your head I know you don’t remember ever falling down Who picked you up, who gathered around But you don’t have to be his girl And you don’t have to be […]

If You Never Got Sick – Wallflowers

That ain’t a ripcord That ain’t a body of water We’re headed for There’s so little time left So much to be done Even you are gonna need someone That ain’t a trick of light Or the morning haze Come on in from the lake Get it into your eyes This invisible breath Of a […]

Here He Comes (Confessions of a Drunken Marionette) – Wallflowers

Dragging his mess of threads There at the bar pulling smoke to his lungs He says who will ignore me when you’re gone? Now come on lift me up I wanna dance by your tin cup Tower of beauty with a split in your tongue Who will ignore me when you’re gone? He says who […]

Closer To You – Wallflowers

When you’re walking through a crowded space I hear every word being said And I remember that everyday I get a little bit closer to you How long an hour can take When you’re staring into open space When I feel I’m slipping further away I remember that everyday I get a little bit closer […]

Asleep At The Wheel – Wallflowers

At the end of the day when it comes down to one decision Of dead beat girls and freaks at a peoples convention All these sugars with no vitamin sensation Do you ever stop to look over old relations Or look to the belly of another one’s emotions Someone young in the winds of a […]

Nearly Beloved – Wallflowers

I could see the dawn through a different set of eyes There in my slumber passing time Long live the world resting on its side I walked the orchard with you Your hand in mine In the evergreens drinking wine I saw the snow fall in black and white From the auburn sky Last night […]