Birdcage – Wallflowers

And acted so madly So scared like a baby by the morning with sunlight unfolding Your eyes have turned red […]

Murder 101 – Wallflowers

I always thought I knew enough I didn’t want to learn this stuff I didn’t ever want to be that […]

Ashes To Ashes – Wallflowers

Bringing gifts while you act so sincere Bringing gifts for a boy who’s five years Looking for rocks and training […]

Bleeders – Wallflowers

They called me the bleeder Well swimmin’ up this river With sentimental fever But this ain’t my first ride It […]

The Difference – Wallflowers

Down by the water Tellin’ riddles in the dark With fireflies under the moonlight Carvin’ the insides of a tree […]

Sidewalk Annie – Wallflowers

It shook your bones and made your life feel skintight Well, Sidewalk Annie Now your coattails have come undone Your […]

Hollywood – Wallflowers

But honey, what are you talkin’ about Something ’bout being, being reimbursed For every unregistered virus Drainpipes are filled up […]

Witness – Wallflowers

There you are Another year, another candle’s burning for the party girl No one even knows that you’re there Happy […]

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