Performer WALTARI

Fools Gold – Waltari

I use her as much as she needs How is my welfare and charm Coldness pierces through to my thich […]

Lights On – Waltari

but you wink your eyes too fast Ooh, how hard wed try to manage this night could never last Take […]

To Give – Waltari

Are you in now babe? Hello from nowhere Hello you backwards It seems to be realy cold out there Better […]

Hello – Waltari

To rap this beat or do you wanna call it heavy We wanna wecome you to this unfinished show We […]

Good God – Waltari

In the distance see the city, I’d love to be a bird Started dreaming ’bout a day I would be […]

Isolated – Waltari

As I said before They caught me again, ‘coz I’m too blind To see what society is really kind: deaf, […]

Mad Boy – Waltari

Madboy is lost again Big wheels are running This road will never end He doesn’t feel like walking He doesn’t […]

Misty Man – Waltari

pretty face around your burning lips But when I think of myself, inside I’m so shy That I could cry […]

Ride – Waltari

“Be clean, be a dad, be brave and have a high-tech job!” But when I switch on my stereo and […]

(Your) Nature Is Wild – Waltari

I wanna see through you Let’s kiss the world….forget the depression!) I surrender… I surrender… again… I surrender… this land […]

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