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Piggy In The Middle – Waltari

people to the deepset hole I make them suffer and feel like absolutely nothing!” C’mon baby, I wanna nasty ride You know it’s time to lose my pride I wanna keep my feet on the ground Don’t wanna live for sight and sound Don’t you leave me alone tonite I’m so shy and it makes […]

The Lie Of The Zombie – Waltari

Father: Its such a fine way of thinking to get us some scene Son: The video war games can sometimes be so boring! Father: Sand castles made to crash! Youre not a boy anymore If you cant grab a gun youll stay alone at the shore and everybody thinks youre too childlish and unable to […]

Isolated – Waltari

As I said before They caught me again, ‘coz I’m too blind To see what society is really kind: deaf, dumb, blind You know, they told me now it’s time to make Your duty to your fatherland ‘Coz we’re living in a “welfare state”, we’ll gonna Give you a choice: You don’t have to wear […]

Mad Boy – Waltari

Madboy is lost again Big wheels are running This road will never end He doesn’t feel like walking He doesn’t feel like talking Membership to real life seems to fade away He went into different ages And turned the other pages Trying to find the blade Madboy is bumping Madboy is drunk again He doesn’t […]

Misty Man – Waltari

pretty face around your burning lips But when I think of myself, inside I’m so shy That I could cry having those memories so far The glorious nation of lovely party girls won’t let me go in my dreams No one can hold me tight When I fly throught the night Ooh… misty man, misty […]

Ride – Waltari

“Be clean, be a dad, be brave and have a high-tech job!” But when I switch on my stereo and get my feelings out of dirty sounds I gotta keep moving I gotta keep moving I gotta keep moving on CHORUS: I got a bad-bad ride I got a bad-bad ride I got a bad-bad […]

Rhytm Is A Cancer – Waltari

Someday U say, U hate music Someday U say, Y love it. Like on guy i saw. He didn’t stand this noisy thing at all. He just wanted to listen to Whitney Houston all the time And I said to him: Hey c’mon, U lose your energy. Why don’t U wanna try something different, instead […]

(Your) Nature Is Wild – Waltari

I wanna see through you Let’s kiss the world….forget the depression!) I surrender… I surrender… again… I surrender… this land again, ooh I surrender… You are so beautiful I want to take it four… I am so beautifu… I could whisper in your ear… I am so beautiful my mind is waiting You are so […]

Celtic Funk – Waltari

Watchout! Noise lunatics are in town No chance to escape anywhere ‘coz they’re all the time around! They kill your deepest dreams Of possible peace and harmony They penetrate in every mind, there’s no way to rest in peace They shake good vibes on everyone They shake good vibes on everyone Take care of yourself […]

Dance Electric – Waltari

I wanna live for sight and sound I wanna move towards the flow Dont let me walk down Please, dont let me dry out Dont let me walk down I wanna spell your success: better to wind up yourself to a vague ball of experience Dont let me walk down Dont let me go down […]

Lust Of Life – Waltari

Go, everybody, go, to the lust of life! Sitting here on this side of the fence, though grass is greener on the other side I thought id better here, but still it locks me down Im the worst intervention in the whole history Birds are shooting complicate series into my consciousness At once Im back […]