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Devoted Friends – Wang Chung

If you have to leave after all that we’ve Been through, been through Been through I can’t be a friend if your heart has the end In view, in view In view Chorus: Because lovers never can be Just devoted friends How can we meet on a day in the week And be true, be […]

Even If You Dream – Wang Chung

I’m picking up paper I’m doing the things that I never thought I’d do again I’m writing you letters I’m getting the better Of things I thought I’d lose again Chorus: You know I wish I was your lover Even if you dream of him I wish I was your brother Baby when you dream […]

Dance Hall Days – Wang Chung

Take your baby by the hand And make her do a high hand stand Take your baby by the heel And do the next thing that you feel Chorus: We were so in phase In our dance hall days We were cool on craze When I, you, and everyone we knew Could believe, do, and […]

The Warmer Side Of Cool – Wang Chung

Well I’m sitting on a hillside On the warmer side of cool With the future laid before me Like a green and misty jewel And to climb above the tree line Is only for the fools So they say So they say Chorus: On the warmer side of cool What you feel in your heart […]

To Live And Die In L. A. – Wang Chung

In the heat of the day Every time you go away I have to piece my life together Every time you’re away In the heat of the day In the dark of the night Every time I turn the light I feel that God is not in heaven In the dark of the night The […]

Everybody Have Fun Tonight – Wang Chung

I’d drive a million miles To be with you tonight So if you’re feeling low Turn up your radio The words we use are strong They make reality But now the music’s on Oh baby dance with me Rip it up – move down Rip it up – move it down to the ground Rip […]

At The Speed Of Life – Wang Chung

A man lives in the city Surrounded by machines They take away his pity And give him what he dreams A stream of information On a green letter screen Makes him feel in touch with the world And sure of what it means Chorus: At the speed of light you’re in endless night At the […]

Hold Back The Tears – Wang Chung

Living at speed It’s so hard, turns a year to days The things that I need It’s so sad, but they will always change So when you call my name And the answer’s not the same Hold back the tears The tears Oh, it’s raining Though water’s pouring down my face There’s no complaining We […]