Wanna Be – Tamia

Yeah, I’m back in this joint right here
For all my people who
Who sick of playin’ seconds and
And takin’ somebody’s leftovers
Get out the back seat, take the passenger seat
Ya know what I’m sayin’?
Heh, ya’ll feel me? Y’all feel me?
Hear me out

Is it me or her babe?
You gotta make your decision
Cuz you got the wrong impression
I don’t want nobody’s seconds
I just want all of you babe
I’m used to gettin’ what I like
Just to curve my appetite
Serve you on a flame with a first class flight

1 – [Tamia]
I wanna be the girl you take to your crib
And not the girl you hate to show where you live
I wanna be the girl for you all your life
And not the girl you’re thinkin’ of late at night

Let’s be truthful please
Will she always be around?
I need to know right here and now
Can I bury her underground?
I just want all of you babe
And she’s always in the way
And she’s always in your face
Am I the one who’s being played?

Repeat 1

Not your chick on the side
I wanna be your main chick
So you gon’ have to pick
Between Lisa, Kim and Stacy, and whoever

Lyric Wanna Be – Tamia