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Metal Tango – Warlock

My wheels do not change My pain I turn in to heat Inside these flames When time has no meaning Where easons don’t change I dream with a heart of thief And I don’t feel no shame There’s an island In my soul There’s desire Burning deep down, down below Dance daemons Lose control This […]

Cold, Cold World – Warlock

To the dark side we’re bound Tattered and torn we’re wasted and worn It’s a long, long, long, long way down I’ve been lonely I’m lonely too lonely It makes me so mad I could just swear? I swear… It’s a cold, cold, cold world It’s a cold, cold, cold world It’s a cold, cold, […]

I Rule The Ruins – Warlock

An iron glove over a hand of steel You can’t touch me Don’t touch me All for one and one for me Listen well an I’ll set you free You can trust me For eternity No promise Is honest In a world of change I rule the ruins with passion and pain I rule the […]

Three Minute Warning – Warlock

She says all the little ones got nowehere, nowhere to play And she’s right, yes indeed she’s right But she don’t believe That I will chnge it all someday Peoble keep pushin’ me, pushin’ me everyway They think I’m gonna keep takin’ it, takin’ it everyday But they’re wrong, yes indeed I’m strong Built for […]