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I Want It All – Warren G

What’s up negros and negrettes? It’s your boy Warren G You know what I’m saying? Chillin’ with the home boy Mack 10 And we gon’ lay a lil’ sumpin’ down for y’all Let y’all know what time it is Show you how we keepin’ it real wit’ it You know, cuz this world is built […]

Game Don’t Wait – Warren G

The game wont wait no matter who you are Where you are or how you are The game wont wait Its a cold thang, its a cold game You know how it is (Chorus) x3 Game dont wait Shit dont stop because the game dont wait Game dont wait Shit dont stop because the game […]

And Ya Don’t Stop – Warren G

hop up the streets with my heats so observe its me Z the whee Z, the Warren to the G Z the deuces and the treys as kickin it through E-Z and the beach and the bottle where I’m found fuckin around with the muthafuckin Dogg Pound fuck it, Warren’s goin wild the G Funk […]

Transformers – Warren G

and you don’t stop microphone check one two uh and ya don’t quit Microphone check one two one two Let me clear my throat so I can do what I gotta do It’s expresso, mandle that I’m stacked Niggaz, tryin to corner the market but I’m back Bang to the boogie, and boogie to the […]

Back Up – Warren G

(Why?) Cuz I’m a bad muthafucka and you can’t understand me (Chorus) MCs dont know how we puts it down K-9 and P-C from East to North town We be bound by honor, or whoever wants to step So either ya keep on steppin or we takes ya automatic weapon [P-C] Nigga back up, see […]

Reality – Warren G

They can’t catch me but still they after me When we deal face to face, is a tragedy You ask why i got my gun they might blast at me Real niggaz, real shit, reality Who gives a fuck if you niggaz is mad at me Fuck around with Warren G its a tragedy Real […]

Relax Your Mind – Warren G

back for the 9-c I ex sippin on the yak so people wanna know whats next ain’t nuthin changed, another day a new time with this uptempo beat with the G-Funk rhyme regulatin state to state, coast to coast its all about the call of greens, yak, lets toast cuz its a ballin society I […]