Waste Of Mind – Zebrahead

bear all the times that I miss and hit the ground
Time is the key and it’s holding
I won’t get burned cause regret is scolding
So I find that this is just a waste of my mind
To think of the days gone by and all the things I want to try
And everyone says get your head out of the clouds
And all I want to do is play loud
Break it, break it down
There’s funk in the sound
I’m gonna live my life fly and keep my feet off the ground
And I’m not the only one when I see
You got your feet bound to the ground when you should be living free
So you get the feeling that I waste another day
Now I got the feeling that I’m not the only one
If you think about it, it’s a waste of mind cause
Try to live without and it and you’ll stop

Lyric Waste Of Mind – Zebrahead