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California – Wave

i look out on the freeway i can fantazise bout the car i drive dont need the light on i can find my way its been so long now i have to say CHORUS im going to california going to live the life sippin’ on tequila night after night dreaming of the moment when everything […]

It’s A Drag – Wave

i thought we had it good i never realized baby what a big surprise it was just too quick for me as i watched you leave CHORUS It’s a drag to have a broken heart if i cant hang around with you than thats the hardest part and i really wanna say that i hate […]

Daydream – Wave

a little taste of leather and lace colour blind its all in my mind temporary insanity when everything is wrong CHORUS It’s a perfect day for feelin’ this way it’s a hell of a time for speaking your mind when nothing is as it seems daydream verse 2 candy, sweet as can be im so […]