Performer WEEN

Poop Ship Destroyer – Ween

Push it on into systematic overdrive, you know what to do Let’s cruise past all the golden poo That makes […]

Mister Richard Smoker – Ween

Mister richard smoker, you’re a poopy poker Chardonnay & cocaine in the spa Cigarettes and coffee breath Little boys on […]

Doctor Rock (II) – Ween

Try modulating and articulating all the feelings that I have for you Dr. Rock — help me out for I […]

Never Squeal – Ween

Don’t lie to your mama Just do what you wanna and it’ll be okay Don’t swim in the water Don’t […]

Touch My Tooter – Ween

Why do I feel like putty when she walks into the room? Touch my tooter, smoocher Sonny, it ain’t all […]

Voodoo Lady – Ween

Shakin’ that stick and drivin’ me crazy Your eyes look red and hazy Doin’ that stuff that you do Messin’ […]

Pretty Girl – Ween

Good lookin’ man on town There’s a smooth-talkin’, funny walkin’ dude around There’s a pretty girl and she sees him […]

Springtheme – Ween

The skies are clearing up today Can I kiss you on the boob like I did yesterday? You let me […]

Baby Bitch – Ween

But now you’ve come back again Came into the room and you saw my girl And you asked her how […]

Laura – Ween

The grain bag sits on the chair, and why the hell am I with ya? And if you told me […]

Awesome Sound – Ween

Got a pork roll egg cheese and bacon Stop the tape here Got an awesome sound goin’ down [2x] Got […]

Japanese Cowboy – Ween

Like a blizzard in Georgia or a train runnin’ late I call out your name girl in the heat of […]

Sketches Of Winkle – Ween

Achin’ round the scene, you know she’s hip to her mantra He was a meditated fucker all strung-out on Sinatra […]

Roses Are Free – Ween

Cut a slab of melon and pretend that you still love me Carve out a pumpkin and rely on your […]

Awesome Sound (II) – Ween

Stop it! I got an awesome sound goin’ down [3x] I got a pork roll egg cheese and bacon Stop…right…there… […]

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