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The Damage In Your Heart – Weezer

I have crossed the line Now you won’t be mine Anymore One more dream Vanished up in smoke Now I have no hope Anymore Let it go The damage in your heart Let it go The damage in your heart I can’t tell you how the words have made me feel I can’t tell you […]

Surf Wax America – Weezer

The wave is comin’ but I ain’t got no fear. I’m waxin’ down so that I’ll go real fast. I’m waxin’ down because it’s really a blast. I’m goin’ surfin’ cuz I don’t like your face. I’m bailin’ out because I hate the race Of rats that run, round and round, in a maze. I’m […]

December – Weezer

Of a boy caught in the rain. Only hope will remember Burning flame in December. Only love. Only love. Only faith can bring to life, One who falls by the wayside. Only trust can inspire, Soggy lungs to breath fire. Only love, Only love. It’s only natural The moon is just half full. We give […]

Pardon Me – Weezer

I gave my all Sometimes my best wasn’t good enough For you Sometimes I let you go Sometimes I hurt you so I know that I can be the meanest person in the world [Chorus:] So I apologize to you And to anyone else that I hurt too I may not be a perfect soul […]

Slob – Weezer

Leave me alone. I won’t pick up the phone. And I won’t listen to messages Sent by someone who calls up and says. “I don’t like how your living my life.” Get yourself a wife. Get yourself a job. Your living a dream. Don’t you be a slob. Leave me again. Don’t hang out in […]

Getchoo – Weezer

This is beginning to hurt This is beginning to be serious It used to be a game Now it’s a cryin’ shame ‘Cuz you don’t wanna play around no more Uh-huh Sometimes I push too hard Sometimes you fall and skin your knee I never meant to do All that I’ve done to you Please, […]

Peace – Weezer

So afraid of letting go. If there’s something I can grab, You can bet I’ll pay the tab. Counting all the flowers, waste the precious hours, I need to find some peace. All these problems on my mind, make it hard for me to think. There is no way I can stop, my poor my […]

I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams – Weezer

I’m so low, can’t get under me I must be all these things for I just threw out the love of my dreams He’s in my eyes, he is in my ears He’s in my blood, he is in my tears I breathe love and see him every day Even though my love is a […]

Falling For You – Weezer

Now just what am I s’posed to do? I’ve got a number of irrational fears That I’d like to share with you First, there’s rules about old goats like me Hangin’ ’round with chicks like you – but i do like you- And another one: you say “like” too much But I’m shakin’ at your […]

No Other One – Weezer

but I’ll stand beside her She’s all I’ve got and I don’t wanna be alone My girl don’t see me She’s with my friends She’s all I’ve got and I don’t wanna be alone No there is no other one No there is no other one I can’t have any other one though I would […]

Crab – Weezer

She won’t be coming down Crab if you want her She won’t be coming down Crab if you need it She put her knickers on Crab if you need it She put her knickers on She said she’s feeling lonely And I say that’s Ok She won’t be coming back ’round here, no way She […]

Hash Pipe – Weezer

I’ll go out of my mind These players come to get me ’cause they’d like my behind I can’t love my business if I can’t get a trick Down on Santa Monica where tricks are for kids Oh, come on and kick me Oh, come on and kick me Come on and kick me You’ve […]

We Are All On Drugs – Weezer

In your new Mercedes Benz and you’re On drugs And you show up late for school cuz You think your really cool when you’re On drugs And you put on your headphones And you step into the zone when you’re On drugs But the world don’t care If your not there cuz you’re On drugs […]

Haunt You Everyday – Weezer

I don’t feel the pain You were just a toy I am just insane Walking on my own Leaving you behind You were crying out That you need to speak your mind [chorus:] Ohhh So alone in love So alone in love I’m going to haunt you every day Haunt you every day I am […]