Balance Of Opinion – Wehrmacht

I may go fast, you may go slow. She might know it all, he might not know. We might get drink you might be straight they could be soon, we could be late They will like it, but you could hate it, Put all the pieces together and simply relate it, Opinions are like assholes, […]

Radical Dissection – Wehrmacht

I wake up in the morning with a splitting headache, the hangovers taken effect, My head pounds hard, there’s no aspirin to take so I guess I’ll just have to dissect First I’ll take the serated steak knife and slowly cut away at my skin down to the muscle, as I grind and I grit […]

Suck My Dick – Wehrmacht

Teacher tells my parents that I’ve been skipping school. Don’t matter to me ’cause I don’t care, that school is just for fools. Chorus: Suck my dick They bitch me out, it’s nothing new to me it’s just a game, but when they start to say you’re grounded, I just turn and say. Chorus: Suck […]